I’ve been meaning to do my own NFL ranking post for a while. Haven’t been to eager, mainly because I know that nobody cares.

1. Patriots: The Patriots haven’t really beat a team that anyone thought would put up a good fight, but they’ve still won every game by at least 17 points and look a lot more polished than in previous seasons.

2. Colts: Business as usual for Indy, even without Harrison and Addai they still won. I’m starting to think this team can put up 30 points with me in the slot.

3. Steelers: Pretend that freak game against the Cards didn’t happen and the Steelers have given up 26 points so far.

4. Cowboys: You can say they played down to the Bills, but if that ever really does happen it’s a sign of bad coaching.

5. Packers: Mike McCarthy will lose you games now and then, but hopefully the Packers have enough talent to recover.

6. Jaguars: Defense is playing great but the offense still hasn’t solved any problems. I still say this team doesn’t make sense. Lots of big fast receivers, no QB with an arm to get them the ball.

7. Chargers: I’m putting them this high because I really don’t believe in the other teams. I don’t think beating up on the 07 Broncos is enough of a statement though.

8. Redskins: They’re playing good enough right now. I’m thinking they can come in and win in Green Bay this weekend.

9. Titans: This is one of those teams I never feel good about. Any time a team has to rely on the run and can’t make 3rd down you know their offense can be shut down.

10. Seahawks: After the way they played against Pittsburgh last week, it’s hard to put them in the top 10. Just shows how bad the rest of the teams are.

11. Ravens: People still will not shut up about how great their defense is.

12. Giants: Played better lately and if they can get a defense of any sort to keep showing up, they could be a player in the wildcard chase later on.

13. Cardinals: I think even if Leinart doesn’t get hurt, even at 106 years old, Kurt Warner is an improvement right now.

14. Buccaneers: Defense is playing well, what is the offense going to do now? Do you trade the future (draft pick) to save the present (running back)?

15. Texans: The offensive line doesn’t look any better, so I guess David Carr really was just that bad.

16. Lions: They’re doing alright for now, but I would imagine this team will start slipping every week. Eventually turnovers, no running game and no defense will burn you.

17. Bears: If Griese can just play good enough to get the running game going as the weather gets colder, the Bears can come back. Right now, they’re still pretty terrible.

18. Broncos: Probably will start dropping like a rock in rankings.

I wish I could put every team from this point on at #32. In fact…

32a. Panthers: Any team that has to sign Vinny Testaverde and possibly start him, is going nowhere.

32b. Raiders: Hey, they’re at .500 going into week 6. Now come the losses.

32c. Bengals: I’m putting them ahead of some other teams on potential. Definitely not defensive potential. Whatever happened to their coach being a defensive guru?

32d. Eagles: Bad joke coming… McNabb just got sacked again.

32e. Browns: Whatever happened to their coach being a defensive guru?

32f. 49ers: Alex Smith wasn’t helping the cause much, but they are definitely going nowhere with Dilfer.

32g. Chiefs: Herm has finally left his mark on this team. Granted the o-line is in bad shape… they should definitely be better than this.

32h. Vikings: A good run defense, good running back and a bad everything else will not get you too far.

32i. Jets: Why even bother starting Pennington anymore. His confidence has to be beyond shattered and teams are going to keep stacking the line because he has no arm.

32j. Falcons: I had a little more faith in the Joey Harrington experiment. I guess Vick really was good for a handful of wins against bad teams each season.

32k. Bills: Not even close to enough defense to make up for their bad QB.

0-16a. Saints: The offensive line overachieved last year, the receivers aren’t as good this year and nobody is giving them a chance to run the ball. First contender for going 0-16.

0-16b. Dolphins: Terrible, terrible team. I think they could pull off an upset win somewhere down the road, but still, second contender for going 0-16.

0-16c. Rams: Bulger will probably never be 100% this year, I’d expect to see him with a flack jacket through the rest of the year. The receivers and their star back are hurt and with Pace going down, it’s like losing two linemen. I think these guys have the best chance of going 0-16.


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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