Huh? What?

Hey people.  If you’re here it’s either because A) you know me or B) you found one of my old blog posts and were somehow motivated to click on other pages.  Either way, good to have you.

jay w/ guitarI’m Jay.  I’m a guitarist, a snob, an online marketing nerd, an entrepreneur, a drunk, a dork.  Since the late 90’s, I’ve had my own site and have revamped it almost yearly.  I never can settle on any one format.  In an effort to resist doing that for a little while, I’ve stolen the pillars approach from Joanna Lord, and will try to focus on my favorite things in the world.

Those happen to be…

  • Music (making it, listening to it, guitars, etc)
  • Sports (mostly NFL – I love the Packers)
  • Drinks (I’m from Milwaukee, I’m essentially an alcoholic, but I love coffee as well)
  • Nonsensical ranting (sometimes you just have to unload your brain)

We’ll see how this goes.  Either way, thanks for stopping by!


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