Excel for SEOs

Excel is unavoidable for SEOs. There are many excellent keyword research tools and data sources available, but eventually you’ll find yourself exporting something into Excel or using it to fine tune your dataset. With this in mind, it’s beneficial to spend some time learning the most practical and commonly used formulas for SEO. We’ll walk you through some of our favorites and how we use them below. 



This allows you to combine two things, whether it be two cells or 1 cell + words. 

We use it the most when exporting data from Google Analytics. Google Analytics doesn’t export the domain name with the landing page slug, so sometimes we need to add the domain to the slug. read more

SEO Guide to Discontinued Products

E-commerce sites need to deal with turnover of products in their catalogs all the time. One common scenario is that products are discontinued. For many consumer electronics products, this can happen on a yearly cycle as the new models with upgraded features replace the existing products. For fashion brands, this is typically a quarterly thing to keep up with seasonal trends, but for ultra fast fashion brands, product turnover can be a constant process.

Regardless of the timing or regularity, any SEO for an e-commerce brand has surely been asked what should be done with discontinued products. As with virtually everything in SEO, there’s no one answer for every scenario. This guide is meant to help you come to the right answer and cover the vast majority of circumstances you’ll encounter. read more

A Look Into InLinks’ Updated Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tools – what would an SEO do without them? We all have our favorites, but I think we can all agree that it’s never fun sifting through junk keywords to find ones that match user intent. Well, now there may be a tool that can help you skip that step in the keyword research process. 

InLinks recently launched a new version of their keyword research tool. They already had a lot of great tools for structuring content when you already had a keyword in mind, but now you can blend the keyword research process with the content optimization process. We’ll run you through how we used the tool on one of our own pages below.  read more