Excel for SEOs

Excel is unavoidable for SEOs. There are many excellent keyword research tools and data sources available, but eventually you’ll find yourself exporting something into Excel or using it to fine tune your dataset. With this in mind, it’s beneficial to spend some time learning the most practical and commonly used formulas for SEO. We’ll walk you through some of our favorites and how we use them below. 



This allows you to combine two things, whether it be two cells or 1 cell + words. 

We use it the most when exporting data from Google Analytics. Google Analytics doesn’t export the domain name with the landing page slug, so sometimes we need to add the domain to the slug. read more

SEO Guide to Discontinued Products

E-commerce sites need to deal with turnover of products in their catalogs all the time. One common scenario is that products are discontinued. For many consumer electronics products, this can happen on a yearly cycle as the new models with upgraded features replace the existing products. For fashion brands, this is typically a quarterly thing to keep up with seasonal trends, but for ultra fast fashion brands, product turnover can be a constant process.

Regardless of the timing or regularity, any SEO for an e-commerce brand has surely been asked what should be done with discontinued products. As with virtually everything in SEO, there’s no one answer for every scenario. This guide is meant to help you come to the right answer and cover the vast majority of circumstances you’ll encounter. read more

A Look Into InLinks’ Updated Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tools – what would an SEO do without them? We all have our favorites, but I think we can all agree that it’s never fun sifting through junk keywords to find ones that match user intent. Well, now there may be a tool that can help you skip that step in the keyword research process. 

InLinks recently launched a new version of their keyword research tool. They already had a lot of great tools for structuring content when you already had a keyword in mind, but now you can blend the keyword research process with the content optimization process. We’ll run you through how we used the tool on one of our own pages below.  read more

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

On April Fools’ Day we thought it would be fun to make an infographic showing previous SEO strategies that have now turned into SEO mistakes. Today, SEO is more than just keywords. You can’t just buy an AOL keyword anymore.

We want to make it VERY clear that the infographic you saw on our social media accounts and below is a funny SEO joke with a few mistakes that you can make. We repeat, do NOT follow those tips and tricks. Instead, take a look at how those SEO mistakes can actually be very harmful to your website’s success. read more

Data Driven Decision Making: The Power of Online Data

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool to gain more traffic to your website, but did you know that we also have access to a wealth of data that could help you make better business decisions? It’s true! This powerful data can help your business:

  1. Discover new product or service opportunities based on trending or increasing search volume
  2. Explore your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  3. Understand your current or new target market’s search behaviors
  4. Maintain a positive brand image through monitoring of branded terms and questions in search

How do we find this information? What tools and resources do we use to develop answers to the topics mentioned above? How can you use this information to propel your business forward? We have developed a four part blog series to answer these questions and arm you with information you need to use real data to make better decisions. read more

Podcast – Impact of COVID-19 on Search Strategy

The current COVID-19 outbreak has made every business reevaluate how to connect with their customers, but how does this impact search strategy? Lindsie Nelson, the Vice President of Client Strategy here at Transistor, spoke with Steffen Horst from the Performance Delivered podcast about how businesses are being impacted by current market shifts and how they can evolve their SEO strategy for today and the future.

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • How to tweak your SEO strategy now
  • How to make changes to your site and marketing now for growth in the future
  • What tools you can use to improve your site (and they’re free!)
  • How to leverage data to make informed decisions
  • Why it’s important to do SEO even during uncertain times

Listen to the podcast here:

The Performance Delivered – Insider Secrets for Digital Marketing Success Podcast talks to marketing and agency executives and explores how they build successful businesses and their personal brand. For more information on this podcast and the host Steffen Horst visit https://symphonicdigital.com/. read more

SEO in the Time of Coronavirus

What a crazy time we are in. So many retailers and service industry businesses are facing forced closure right now. If you aren’t closed, customers are probably not rushing in your door unless there’s toilet paper on the shelves.  We’ve got a number of clients being affected by   the COVID-19 outbreak in a variety […]

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You’ve got questions before hiring an SEO agency? We’ve got answers.

There are a lot of “what questions to ask before…” blogs posts that have been written over the years. Most of them are very geared toward the way the authoring agency wants to sell you on their services. Some of them manage to do that while actually being helpful. The post that Seer published recently […]

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Help! Keywords Are Driving Traffic but Not Ranking

Google’s Deduplication Update is Affecting Keyword Ranks & Tracking Google Featured Snippet Algorithm Update On January 23, Google announced that they have removed (globally implemented January 22) duplicate site listings shown in featured snippets. So if you had a featured snippet and a result showing in the 3rd position, that 3rd position rank will be […]

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#FreeAdvice: How to Optimize for a Featured Snippet?

Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is always evolving. We’ve seen the introduction of advertisements, local results, the knowledge graph, and the coveted featured snippet. The featured snippet (also called a quick answer or answer box) is in position 0 above all other organic results. Not only is the featured snippet first on the page […]

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