Smelly Guitars, Shady Deals & More

It’s time for some short random thoughts and amusing findings from the internet… 

What happened here?

My friend sent me an ebay listing for a new, but relic’d guitar. This is the one:

I know a tiny bit about Nash and they make good quality stuff if my memory serves me right, but holy shit man. Imagine this were a real 60’s guitar in this condition. Who the hell owned that thing? I picture Andre the Giant taking his shirt off post-match and playing Fleetwood Mac songs on this thing. It would have to be someone that large and sweaty. Even knowing this is not “real” wear and tear, I would probably soak this thing in alcohol before playing it. It looks like it would smell like a nascar race in August. read more

GE & Jay Complain About Innovation and Bad Gear Reviews

Everyone is away from the office so distraction levels are running high. Time for another email exchange that is waaaay too long.

Jay: I was thinking of what amazing things we can expect from all our favorite guitar companies in 2016. Here’s the list I’ve got so far.

Gibson: Selling the same guitars as 2015 but with all new model names
Ibanez: 3 new colors, 15% price increase
Dean: Slutty models holding guitars!
Fender: 25% price increase
G&L: Copying Fender while crapping on them, again
Washburn: Still a company!
Ernie Ball/Music Man: Sterling Ball will personally punch you in the nuts for buying a guitar read more