Les Paul Smartwood Project: Complete!

So back in, oh maybe ’99 or ’00, I got this Les Paul Smartwood.  I guess it’s technically a “Smartwood Studio”.  I believe the wood on this one is Peroba, but I really don’t know anymore.  I do know that it was ugly out of the box.  I got it for a very low price because nobody wanted it and it was seemingly built on a Friday afternoon.  Frets were all overhanging, setup was horrid, and again, it was ugly.

Here’s the only shot I have of the guitar kind of in its original state. read more

Measure Twice… Office Closet

We have an office of sorts.  It’s that bedroom that’s directly adjacent to your master bedroom so you don’t really want people sleeping there (especially if you have a guest that snores).  Right now it’s got a cute, but ultimately small and useless, desk.  There’s also some exercise equipment and a few other things that kind of fit an office theme (file cabinet, shredder, etc).

It looks like a mess with everything out in the open.  And again, the desk is useless.  So we’re turning the closet into an office space.  It’s a wide and shallow closet.  Over 9′ wide, right around 2′ deep.  Probably perfect for a real long desk (place for both our laptops to rest, printer, etc) and some tidy looking shelves and storage. read more