Foosball – Week 4

Hey, Driver just caugh a pass.  Way to go, now that his butter-fingers have put us down by 15 points.  The announcers on MNF just said it’s exciting when Favre throws interceptions.  Seconds later, Favre lays it up for grabs to Michael Lewis.  Anyway, is Ahmad Carroll the worst player on the Packer roster or is it just me?  Tonight I’ve seen him get burned on a bunch of deep passes (either when he’s looking at the QB for no reason or he’s just out of position), I’ve watched him arguing with a ref about a catch before tackling a receiver or hearing the whistle blow… I’m sure I’ve missed him celebrating after making a mediocre play (like takling a receiver that just beat him deep).  Seriously, this guy needs to get the hell out of town.  I don’t care what kind of cap hit we have to take (I think he’s got like 2 years and $3-4 million left on his contract), we can afford it.  He needs to go.  I could almost tolerate the sloppy play of Nick Barnett if I didn’t have to watch Carroll again.  He’s worse than Bhawoh Jue (who might not have been that bad of a player, but he was always around something bad happening).  He’s worse than Terrell Buckley (who turned out to be a halfway decent player when he got his vision checked out).  He just plain sucks.  Hmm, as I was typing this Carroll got busted for holding, STILL gave up the catch!!!  It’s just like when you foul a guy driving open to the hole in basketball.  If you’re going to foul a guy, you better not let him dunk it.  If you’re going to hold a receiver, that guy better not get anywhere near a catch.  Now the Packers are down by 22.  I think the game is over.  Moving on…

I’m 2-2 in Fantasy.  I took Laurence Maroney off the starting lineup at the last second.  He looked like a stud and scored 2 TD’s.  Of course, I replaced him with Thomas Jones who did the same, so it was moot.  I could’ve benched Reggie Bush and got the win, but how could I know?  Larry Johnson finally did what everyone has expected him to do.  Bengals got slapped around by the Pats… damnit.  Next week could be a tough one.  Guy I’m playing has a pretty tough team and the Bengals have a bye.  Jake Delhomme is going to have to come through for me.  I’m still not sure what to do at the wideout spot.  Fitzgerald is playing KC and Warner is on the bench, so he should hopefully do well.  Reggie Wayne is up against the Titans, who stink, but Wayne hasn’t done much this year.  Javon Walker has to go up against Baltimore and he has Plummer throwing to him, so I’m thinking he’s out… but I can’t imagine the Ravens will go 5-0… I think Devenr can get them.  It will probably be on the ground if they do though.  I’ll probably regret not starting Mike Bell.  Oh well.


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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