I guess I’m not starting this week?

I was hoping this would be my big debut… down in the Miami sun against a pathetic secondary. I could flash some skills while whatever hack announcer Fox has makes fun of my last name. Maybe next week.

In other news… I was watching the local news on our NBC affiliate this morning. They had a little contest to win a 4-pack of Bucks tickets for this weekends game against the Nuggets (return of George Karl). I won some tickets. Yay me. I know it’s preseason and it’s the NBA… but it’s free and an excuse to skip homework for a while.

On to the football…

10/22 1:00 ET San Diego -5 At Kansas City
The Chiefs are done. Rivers is turning into a hell of a QB and that Chargers D is going to shut down the Chiefs… which really stinks as I have Larry Johnson on my fantasy team.

10/22 1:00 ET Jacksonville -9.5 At Houston
David Carr has looked like an accurate and smart quarterback all year. I think the Jags defense is going to change that this week.

10/22 1:00 ET New England -5 At Buffalo
We’re getting into late October, right around the time the Pats get oiled up for their late season surge.

10/22 1:00 ET Pittsburgh -2.5 At Atlanta
Let’s face it, Pittsburgh looked great last week. They scored enough points to make up for the first couple weeks. Plus Michael Vick just can’t put on a show anymore. Teams are finally figuring him out.

10/22 1:00 ET At Miami -5 Green Bay
I don’t care if they only have 2 receivers on the team that have caught a pass in the NFL… how does Green Bay go down 5 to the DOLPHINS! This is a Joey Harrington led team here. I still think Ronnie Brown is going to run all over the Pack.

10/22 1:00 ET Philadelphia -5 At Tampa Bay
What did I say about the Eagles last week? Sure they’ll be angry after last week… but Tampa is coming off an emotional game too. Philly continues their freefall this week.

10/22 1:00 ET At NY Jets -3.5 Detroit
Detroit got their win in. It’s a sad day in the NFL when Pennington and Kitna looks like a decent QB matchup. By the way, there were way too many games decided on last second field goals last week.

10/22 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -3 Carolina
That Cinci offensive line is hurting. I don’t think they can protect Palmer against Peppers and the rest of the Panthers.

10/22 4:05 ET Denver -4.5 At Cleveland
This should be a snooze. Denver doesn’t try to score, and especially against the Broncos D, Cleveland can’t score. The Broncos are easily in the top 4 in the NFL, they should be favored by 10+ in a game like this. Something needs to change or the fans will have to start bringing pillows to games.

10/22 4:15 ET At Indianapolis -9.5 Washington
Washington desperately needs a win if they want to have any chance of keeping up in the division. Too bad they’re playing the Colts. Peyton Manning is having a fairly bad year so far, but a bad year for him is like the bad year A-Rod just had (what was it, 122 RBIs?)

10/22 4:15 ET At Seattle -6.5 Minnesota
My money says Minny doesn’t score a point until well after Seattle has the game locked up in the 4th.

10/22 4:15 ET Arizona -3 At Oakland
Call me crazy, but I’m starting Leinert in my fantasy league. Playing the worst team in NFL history is a good way for the young man to test out his arm

10/23 8:30 ET At Dallas -3 NY Giants
NY gets the win, but I’m putting $10 on ESPN showing more shots of TO than the entire Giants team combined.

Last Week Outright Wins 8-4
Season Total Outright Wins 19-7
Last Week Vs Spread 6-6
Season Vs Spread 14-12


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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