Mid-Week Rankings

Turkey day messed me up… so I’ll factor in the games that already happened.

1. Patriots -  May as well start speculating who they will stomp in the Super Bowl.  Even when they are up 52-10 in a game, I still watch because it is just fantastic.  Screw the Rams and their “greatest show on turf.”  Any Pats game is the greatest show, period.  Best NFL team I’ve ever seen, heard of or played with in Madden.
2. Cowboys – Fairly easy schedule rest of the way.  Offense keeps getting better and I don’t even think the announcers are talking about Terry Glenn anymore.  Defense is getting better and is certainly good enough to hold most teams under the 32.5 points they are averaging each game this year.
3. Packers -  Favre looks like he’s in his early 30’s.  He’s still not mobile and if his first two reads aren’t open he probably isn’t going to do anything smart, but he’s making some great throws and all those young receivers are flying around making great catches.  Defense still is shaky against the pass thanks to mistake-prone safeties.
4. Colts -  Everyone says injuries aren’t an excuse, but when Aaron Moorehead is your #2 receiver you have to expect that the Colts will struggle.  I wouldn’t doubt if they end up battling for the wildcard spot.
5. Steelers – I don’t like giving high rankings to teams who lose to bad teams.  The three losses Pittsburgh has were to teams they should’ve stomped.  Other than that, they’ve looked really good.
6. Jaguars – Defense and running game is great but I’m still not sold on anybody they put under center.
7. Giants
8. Browns – So what happens with the Anderson/Quinn situation in the offseason?  Do you trade Quinn to get a draft pick back and pretend the whole thing never happened?
9. Bucs
10. Seahawks
11. Titans – I stand by my previous comments that this team is going nowhere until they figure out a passing game.  They still can’t make 3rd downs and Young keeps taking steps backwards in his development.
12. Lions – No defense, no pass protection, no run game and a tough 2nd half schedule adds up to another average or worse season for Detroit
13. Broncos – Every team from this point on has no chance of doing anything with their season
14 . Chargers – Incredible talent wasted by inept coaching.  Just get the ball to Tomlinson and Gates, its worked for years now.
15.  Cardinals
16. Bills
17. Redskins
18. Texans
19. Eagles – McNabb is playing/limping his way into a crummy deal with the Bears/Vikings next season
20. Saints
21. Panthers
22. Chiefs
23. Vikings – With Peterson hurt, they may as well position themselves for a good draft pick and start shopping for a QB
24. Bears
25. Ravens – Is it time to finally rebuild this overworked and overhyped team?
26. Raiders – Showed some promise this year for a few moments, still need an o-line
27. Bengals – WTF?
28. Falcons – stick with one quarterback already!
29. Rams
30. 49ers – another top 3 pick coming up, next year is looking good for the Pats in the draft
31. Jets – Should rebound with an easy schedule next year
32. Dolphins – Come on 0-16!!!


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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