NFL Draft – Day 1

Well, probably about 53.5 million people out there are doing an NFL draft blog… may as well make it 53,500,001. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on how any of these kids played in college. I don’t know how many of them will transition into the pros. Still, I’m excited about the draft, the trades, the overhauls of teams and all the other drama involved.

This is going to be a very random rundown of what’s going on. So don’t expect anything. All times are central standard.

What is with the NFL Network and their HD broadcast? Not only do they keep switching to guys in the “field” who are in SD, but their banner on the bottom of the screen is either in SD or it’s absolutely terrible resolution. It’s making it really hard to watch McFadden try to explain how his little brothers are always getting beat up.

ESPN broadcast is much better, aside from the fact that there are banners on 3 sides of the screen. Well, that and the regular footage of Mel Kiper Jr.

With less than 30 minutes before the draft starts, the rumors are flying around. The Rams are looking for 27 picks in the next 2 years for the #2 overall. The Ravens just might do it to get Ryan. Pretty bold move. I just wonder if, by the time they are able to develop a QB, they will have anything left around him. The defense has a lot of age and the offense seems like it needs a lot more than just a QB. The Chiefs were bold enough to say that they need far too much other help to even think about a young QB, but I guess the Ravens aren’t willing to admit that.

The other big news is what the Cowboys are going to do. The word on the street is that Jerry Jones is looking to ditch a 1st round pick for a vetern wideout. Who is he going to get? I think everyone can agree that even in Madden, bringing in Chad Johnson would create too big of an ego battle. Aside from that, there is no way the Cowboys can beat the Redskins offer for Johnson outside of giving up both of their 1st rounders. The other Dallas rumor is that they will trade up for McFadden if he slips to the bottom of the top 10. I can’t see him going past the Jets, but if somehow he does, it would be a great upgrade for Dallas. On the flip side, I know Jerry Jones loves crazy athletes, but it also shows he is not 100% sold on Marion Barber as the main guy in the backfield.

1:59 PM
Less than a minute to go. Now people are saying the Ravens just might make the move to get the #2 pick.

2:02 PM
Mr. Goodell, I will definitely enjoy the new streamlined format of the draft. Especially with the #1 pick coming in the first 30 seconds. I like the pick for the Dolphins, investing in the offensive line is always a good way to improve the team. No matter who it is, Miami will have a young QB and they have a good running back, both of which will really appreciate Long on the left side.

2:07 PM
Rams are on the clock and as we’re reminded of their ’07 defensive stats… there is no way they can pass on an elite defensive player. If they do trade back, they could still easily wind up with one, but it’s not a sure thing.

2:11 PM
With the 2nd pick – Chris Long. So no surprises there. Moving on, are the Falcons going to revamp their franchise with a QB or set up regular visits with Vick for the next 2 years? And a few minutes after typing that, cue ESPN with the clips of the demise of the Falcons from last year. It’s amazing how much of a disaster that season was for them. This team needs to start over. Dropping the big names like Crumpler and Hall was a good move… cut ties with all of those ugly memories and play it like you’re an expansion team. That’s really the only way the Falcons can help erase some of those ugly memories in the minds of the fans.

2:18 PM
Pick is in. I really do like this, they haven’t even announced the pick and Oakland is already on the clock. Anyway, Matt Ryan gets the handshakes and he is the guy for Atlanta. The media keeps going on about Ryan’s interceptions. Some have said it, but he’s making interceptions down the field. You can argue that he’s making poor choices, but at least he’s making plays. You need a gutsy quarterback. You can usually teach him when to hold it back, but you can’t teach a guy to have guts. Wow, that could be a John Madden quote.

2:26 PM
Raiders are out of time, no word on who it is going to be yet. They showed McFadden getting the famous text message. Here comes Roger. And it’s the running back. Well, he could be a big help for Russell. Al Davis has a LOT of money put in his offense now, I wonder if they can manage to score any points. Now we don’t have to hear about the Raiders until tomorrow.

2:33 PM
KC is still on the clock with the first of their 23 picks in the first couple rounds. I’m thinking, I figured out what Al Davis has been doing. He’s building the ultimate Madden team. Think about it, they’ve got a young QB with a huge arm, a big fast receiver in Walker, a ton of fast corners who can intercept anything, and now a lightning quick running back. They will easily be a top 3 fun team for Madden next year. Anyway, Dorsey is going to the Chefs. I would’ve liked to see him going to New Orleans, but it’s still a good fit. Now I’m wondering if anybody else is having so many problems with the NFL Network audio feed. What a joke, I’d expect this out of the NHL Network. Anyway, I’m still waiting to hear somebody with a “what if” comment about the potential of Dorsey on the same line with Jared Allen. At least Kansas City has another 239 picks left to further improve that defensive line.

2:39 PM
During commercials, ESPN flashed a graphic that said Arizona has 1 postseason win in the last 58 years. I guess being a Cardinals fan is like being a Cubs fan.

2:41 PM
Did you know that Vernon Gholston did the bench 2,597 times and can lift 4 tons? He also got a sack on Jake Long!!! I wonder if the Jets could put him at QB? So as Gholston walks up to get his new hat, how great is it that the Patriots are picking next after going 18-1? It’s like the Spurs drafting Duncan when they already had a championship caliber team (although I doubt the Pats get that kind of impact player, but who knows). Getting this pick is the draft day equivilant of going for it on 4th and goal when you’re up 35. Or trading a 4th round pick for Randy Moss. How can you not love this team?

Anyway, let’s watch Gholston get the greatest sack in the history of college football:

2:51 PM
There’s a trade! And it’s the Saints! Took 6 picks for it to happen, but we’ve finally got some action. You’d have to think that the Saints are going to take Ellis with this move. Probably a lot better value than if they moved up to the Chiefs spot or earlier to get Dorsey. And while I was typing that, it was announced that the Saints took Dorsey AND Jacksonville is moving up to #8 in the meantime! The Saints/Patriots just sparked a lot of excitement. We still don’t even know what the Patriots got for #7 and we’re already moving on to the Jaguars moving up, probably to get a new defensive end. Makes sense for Baltimore as they seem to have their mind set on getting a QB and it doesn’t make sense to take one this high now that Ryan is gone.

2:57 PM
Finally announced that the Patriots will get the 1st and 3rd round pick from the Saints and gave up their 1st and 5th rounder. Pretty decent compensation considering New England only moved back a few spots.

2:58 PM
Jaguars made the trade and have used up almost 8 minutes without announcing their pick. Did they move up and not realize that Ellis is gone?

Kiper and Berman just both agreed with me about the Ravens likely moving back for a QB. Even though they agreed on the concept, Kiper still turned it into an arguement. What a turd.

3:01 PM
FINALLY… Jacksonville takes Harvey and Harvey immediately calls up Peyton Manning to set up a date for week 3.

3:02 PM
Looks like the Bengals are taking Keith Rivers. I wonder how long it takes to get him his first suspension now that he’s playing in Cinci?

In the meantime, New England is going on the clock for the 2nd time in the first 10 picks. I wonder if they could trade again??? They also just announced the cost of the Jaguars trade, almost similar to the Jared Allen trade – a 1st rounder, two 3rd rounders and a 4th. That’s a lot of picks.

3:07 PM
They announce the Rivers pick and nobody really cares. Pretty much how Bengals football has gone for as long as I can remember.

3:11 PM
You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. Don’t worry, I won’t. Won’t even come close to that movie. I swear, Awesome-o could’ve come up with a better movie idea. Can we put any more goofy names on the same character that SNL created for Sandler?

3:13 PM
Patriots take Mayo. I love the pick. I was scared about them taking Rodgers-Cromartie, who was projected in the last 5 picks in the first round a few weeks ago. Mayo seems like a perfect fit for the system and they badly need youth in the linebackers. I would be very happy to see New England spend all of their picks on defense. Maybe throw in a receiver to develop into a #3/4 guy (any maybe an eventual starter) in the middle rounds. I would think if they go all out on defense, they’ll be right there in the Super Bowl again.

3:23 PM
Can’t really get excited about the picks by the Bills or the Broncos. The Bills got needed help in the defensive backfield and the Brocos did the same on the offensive line. The Bills just have so far to go still and the Broncos are in such a mess. These teams near the middle of the first round are usually the teams that aren’t doing anything dramatic enough to improve themselves and will remain crummy and slowly continue to decline. The Bills could be an exception though, assuming they can stick to a single quarterback going forward.

3:34 PM
So the Panthers take a running back and you’ve gotta wonder if the Bears are going to do the same thing. Benson seems to have been officially titled a bust. At the same time Chicago has no offensive line and no passing game. They could get away with running the ball a few years ago when they had a young and horribly tough defense and an offensive line that was very experienced.

3:37 PM
Bears take the smart and safe pick with the offensive tackle. So if they can fix their line, they just need to work on the rest of the offense after that. Yeesh. Bad time to be a Bears fan, again.

3:42 PM
Don’t know if it is a surprise, but the Lions have traded out of their pick. Here come the Chiefs. ESPN talked about the Lions possibly trading Roy Williams as well, but somehow failed to mention the Cowboys, shame on you ESPN! With the 15 pick, Kansas City takes Albert. No surprise. Too bad Albert can’t play guard and tackle at the same time.

3:49 PM
Can’t beat McDonald’s and their brilliant economic comentary while selling their dollar menu. Look out Dilbert!

4:00 PM
So Baltimore trades again. Somebody they like is obviously still on the board and it looks like Joe Flacco. Sorry Kyle Boller.

4:09 PM
Now the Eagles make a trade. Carolina is jumping into the first round again. ESPN says o-line, and it’s probably going to be Jeff Otah. (I almost missed the trade because I’m looking at prices for an XBox 360. Being forced into buying one because EA Sports is dropping Madden for the PC. I know the game sucks compared to the console versions, but I don’t have to buy a $350 console to play it either. So I can’t get a decent baseball game for PC and now can’t get a decent NFL game).

Fans are stupid sometimes. Jeff Otah given an F by the fans on I know linemen are boring, but the team needs one badly. I would’ve waited until the compensation is shown before giving an F. 2nd round, 4th round and ’09 1st rounder for the #19 pick? Wow. Otah better end up being a starter for a long time.

Let’s see what all those draft picks are worth:

4:20 PM
The Bucs take Talib. Great corner, risky pick. Guy seems to be crazy about pot like Ricky Williams. Bucs need a corner, though.

4:30 PM
Atlanta trades for Washington’s spot at #21 and takes Sam Baker. They need offensive line help. They need help, period. Iffy pick, but makes sense when you think they have a new QB who will make a lot of money and they will want him to stay upright.

4:33 PM
Now the Cowboys are up. They need a lot of help for a team that had a pretty good year. There are some good running backs out there, all of the wideouts are out there and they still have some hope at corner. Lot of options. Before we get to the Dalls pick, ESPN shows us another brilliant McDonald’s commercial. Man, these guys really hit the nail on the head with their jokes about gas prices. They really have their finger on teh pulse of what America is talking about. I know I would rather have 5 ounces of grease for 1/3 the cost of a gallon of gas.

Enough of that, Dallas takes Felix Jones at #22. Good pick and it would be hilarious if he ends up being a starter.

4:41 PM
Before cutting to another commercial, ESPN shows Mendenhall getting a phone call along with a lot of celebration. Is he going to the Steelers? Was there a trade? Must know!

4:44 PM
Pitt takes Mendenhall. Clearly Parker isn’t the guy for 25+ carries a game. Can be a mean runner, the type that the Steelers traditionally have liked.

4:46 PM
I know this has been beaten to death, but it is great how watchable the draft is this year. I think last year at about 3 hours in, we were still in the top 10 picks.

4:50 PM
Matt Mosely over on ESPN says the Cowboys are going to trade down with their next pick. I hope so, we need more trades!

4:51 PM
The Titans just picked Chris Johnson. He’s fast, but you can’t put him out at flanker.

Did I mention that he’s fast?

4:58 PM
So it’s not a big shock that the Seahawks traded out of their pick, it is a bit of a shock that the Cowboys traded in. Jerry Jones claims there’s no receiver he is in love with in the 1st round, but I think there’s a good chance he could change his mind about that. If they are thinking corner, you would think any of the good corners left would still be there in 3 picks.

5:00 PM
Well, I put my foot in my mouth on that one. It’s a surprise Jenkins was still on the board and it seems Dallas thought the same thing. Even if Pacman plays, Dallas does still need help in the secondary and they got beat up in the passing game last year.

5:08 PM
Chargers are about to make their first of very few picks. They could take Flowers, he would help.

5:10 PM
Well, I was right on the position, wrong guy. Seattle is up next and they will probably also go defense. I’m wearing down here… wish I could pass off to another desk of people like they do on TV. Gotta at least make it to the Packers pick, plus I’m really excited about what kind of mention will be made for pick 31.

5:17 PM
Seattle goes defense indeed. Jackson could be a good fit opposite of Kerney.

5:19 PM
ESPN Is calling Balmer a big nose tackle. Really? Am I missing something here? He’s a good size guy, looks like he moves the pile well, but I don’t know if he’ll hold up as the A gap guy.

5:21 PM
Well, other than the Pats pick, this is the other moment I’ve been most waiting for. Packers need a corner, but I’d be really interested to see a QB.

5:22 PM
Doh! Just as was typing, the Jets swoop in for a trade. I’m assuming the Packers are moving back to the early 2nd round and hopefully getting 2 more late picks. This makes sense as there is nothing the Packers need available. You can say whatever you want about best player available, but the Packers have needs. Like I just said, they need a corner, they need offensive linemen, they need a tight end, they arguably need a quarterback. Anyone of those positions they take at this spot is going to likely be considered a reach. This way they can probably still get any of the guys they value at those positions in the 2nd round and get a few more guys on day 2.

5:29 PM
I don’t know the guy too well, but Keller looks good on film. He’s decently big and he’s fast. Sounds like he could come in and be a 50+ catch guy. That’s a big pickup for the Jets if you ask me.

5:34 PM
Giants pick is in. I’m waiting for the screaming to blow my speakers out here. And they take the safety Kenny Phillips. Good player and filled a need in the secondary.

Round 1 is done and all of the wide receivers are still on the board. We’ve had 8 offensive linemen! We can assume all of them will be tackles, too.

On to round 2…

5:38 PM
First pick of the second round, the Dolphins put in their pick. They go defense. Fans aren’t excited but it’s a good pick. We should have all known that Tuna would go all defense in the early rounds anyway. They have a young quarterback, they’ve got their franchise offensive lineman. They’ve got a franchise running back. Now it’s time to work on that defense.

5:46 PM
Avery goes to the Rams as the first wideout taken. They definitely needed help and youth at wideout. And moments later (because of commercials), Thomas goes as the 2nd receiver to Washington. Another team that needed wideout help. While he may not be great, he’s a first round talent that slipped and is a bit of a good find.

And a few seconds later, Brandon Flowers finally comes off the board to Kansas City. Another good value pick and should’ve gone in the top 20 picks or so. Not too bad of a draft so far for Kansas City and they are getting a lot of young guys who will be getting some experience in a hurry.

5:49 PM
Packers finally get a pick in. Jordy Nelson? Decently big guy, seems to have good hands. He’s a former basketball player. Don’t know if he was the best player available or a position of need, but he seems like a decent pickup. Gotta wonder how they’ll fit him on the roster when they already have 6 wideouts and 5 of them are worth keeping (don’t know about Bodiford either way).

Here’s what I’ve got on Nelson, taking it to a certain 1st round corner:

6:00 PM
Round 2 is tough to keep up with. Atlanta takes an inside linebacker with Curtis Lofton. Seattle makes another trade and takes John Carlson to hopefully give them a useable tight end. 49ers are on the clock again.

6:07 PM
49ers take the 50th player out of USC so far in the draft with Chilo Rachal. Offensive line is a smart place for them.

Saints are up and the Shockey talk is at full throttle. Shockey wants to play in New Orleans, New Orleans wants Shockey. He’s a big attitude, but he can play. Before we find out, we’re going to ANOTHER set of commercials. Round 2 must be where all the discount ad money comes in. The analysts are seemingly already out of material and we’re only at the 40th pick.

6:13 PM
The Saints made a pick. Tracy Porter is the next corner taken. Saints need defensive backfield help. Looks like they will have to get very creative to get Shockey, if they have any chance to get him at all. At any rate, it is good to see New Orleans going big on defense. Their D has been terrible…

Rest of Day 1
Well, I didn’t make it. Had to get out of the house, eat something, be somewhat productive, etc. Too bad, as I missed one very interesting pick. The Packers took, arguably the 2nd or 3rd best quarterback in the draft with Brian Brohm. I’ve heard all the talk about him having limited potential, but every sign points to him being a perfect fit for the Green Bay system. Maybe just throw him in the weight room to beef up that arm a bit. Ted Thompson said all the right things about Rodgers still being the man, but if Brohm comes into camp and does well, you know that there will be some competition starting. Plus the fact that Thompson admitted thinking about taking Brohm with their first pick, or trading up to get him, shows that it wasn’t just a case of having a guy you couldn’t pass up fall into your lap. Ah, I love the draft.


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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