NFL Week 6 – The day the Philly bandwagon has the wheels fall off

You heard it here first… I’m sick of people jumping on the Philly bandwagon. It’s destined for failure. Westbrook’s knee is going to crumble, none of the wideouts are going to stay healthy or consistantly perform, the defense is getting hurt every week, the division is going to get tougher as the year goes on. I’m marking this week as the week that Philly starts to stumble. They’re going into New Orleans, which is a karma nightmare. Stay tuned…

10/15 1:00 ET Cincinnati -4.5 At Tampa Bay
I think Cinci is going to come off the bye and put that New England game well into the past and start dominating teams again. Tampas D is getting older and slower by the minute. Palmer might throw for 500 yards.

10/15 1:00 ET At Washington -10.5 Tennessee
You almost want to pick the Titans for an upset this week… but it’s not going to happen.

10/15 1:00 ET At Dallas -13 Houston
Weren’t the Oilers and Cowboys big rivals at one point? Anyway, I predict two things in this game. 1. Tony Romo will take some snaps. 2. TO will have a big game. While everyone in the booth and at home is going on about how Owens is such a cancer, he’s going to catch a bunch of balls for a bunch of yards today.

10/15 1:00 ET Buffalo -1.5 At Detroit
Even the 2nd worst team in the NFL has to win a game at some point.

10/15 1:00 ET Seattle -3 At St. Louis
Let’s face it, even with the 4 best #2 wideouts in the league, Hasselbeck can’t do it without Alexander. St Louis is going to be rushing 6 guys on every play and Hasselbeck isn’t going to have his main man in to help block or to go out in the flat for a quick dump off. By the 2nd quarter, you’ll hear the words “Matt Hasselbeck looks out of character today.”

10/15 1:00 ET At Atlanta -3 NY Giants
I want nothing to do with this game.

10/15 1:00 ET Philadelphia -3 At New Orleans
It doesn’t matter if they lose out the rest of the year, I’m not going against the Saints at home anymore.

10/15 1:00 ET At Baltimore -3 Carolina
Steve McNair can’t win a ballgame if it’s up to him at any point. You’ll see that this week.

10/15 4:15 ET At NY Jets -2 Miami
Miamicould start Joey or Daunte or maybe even find a way to put both on the field at once, they still will stink. I’m waiting for the Cleo Lemon era to begin in Miami.

10/15 4:15 ET San Diego -10 At San Francisco
Probably the easiest pick of the week. Marty is simply going to bore the 49ers to sleep and then score a few TD’s.

10/15 4:15 ET At Pittsburgh -6.5 Kansas City
How is Pittsburgh a 6.5 point favorite in this game?! Their defense is still good, yes, but their offense is terrible. The Chiefs D isn’t too bad either. Damon Huard is going to fall apart eventually, but he hasn’t yet! Sure the Chiefs also have Herm Edwards working against them… damn, why did I pick the Chiefs again?

10/15 8:15 ET At Denver -14.5 Oakland
Denverdoesn’t quite score 12.5 points a game, but Oakland gives up over 28. Broncos might double the spread.

10/16 8:30 ET Chicago -11 At Arizona
Leinert has been pretty confident going into this game. Let’s see the Bears knock some sense into him, multiple times.

Last week outright winners: 11-3
Last week against the spread: 8-6
Overall outright winners: 11-3
Overall against the spread: 8-6


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter