Packers vs. Cardinals

I tried keeping a journal of the Packers game… it was tough given the fact that the 2nd half wasn’t really worth watching.  Anyway…

The official total for Brett Favre Retirment Mentions – 2
Official total for Favre vs. Leinart talk – 2 (they waited until the 2nd quarter to bring it up!)

1st Qtr – Cards first series – How many times has Al Harris been his right in the chest and dropped an interception?  Time to stop thinking about that contract and start watching the ball.

Packers first series – Nice timing by the announcer, saying the Packers want to run right up the middle of the Cards defense, as they call a stretch to the outside for Green.  Either way, first time out for the Pack ended with a terrible field goal fake.  Nobody to throw to…

1st Qtr – Somehow Kathi’s mom cannot understand how BW3’s works.  I don’t know why, there is some disconnect on the concept of the sauces.  Too much confusion, not enough eating.

Packers 2nd Series – Why did Miree pass up a defender right in front of Driver to block a guy 3 tards away?  Could’ve been a big gain on the short pass to Donald.
-Classic Favre – pump fake 3 times and make the fans crap themelves before completing an easy pass to a wide open Miree
-Zone blocking getting better and better.  Helps playing Arizona.  Morency is great at seeing holes open up.  He really understands when to cut back.
-You know the Cards D is bad when Chris Francies can draw two straight pass interference calls.
-Favre said he’d get the TE’s more involved (according to the commentators).  I think he’s been saying that since Chmura left.

I’m just hoping for Mark Horowitz to get killed in a violent car-jacking of his Nissan Sentra.

Cards 3rd possession – Edge James has a long run of maybe 3 yards.  Hope that money is worth it.
-Impressive play – I know Al Harris is underrated, but I still would think Boldin wins on a quick slant every time.  Yet, Harris muscles the ball out for an incompletion.
-Charles Woodson is hurt.  Probably a better use of his contract money with him on the sidelines.

Packers 3rd series – Great catch by Ruvell Martin.  Very nice hands.  Don’t see a lot of young receivers grabbing balls out of the air like he did.
-David Martin is becoming a legitimate weapon… I can’t believe I just wrote that.
-Favre really wants to kill Driver.  If Favre plays another year I bet Driver has a career ending back injury.  How many times can you make your guy sell out over the middle?

Man those Toyota Tacomas are tough.  I’ll have to get one before the next time I’m attacked by Nessy.

Cards 4th Series – Arizona still has 0 pass yards.  Glad I didn’t start Leinart on my fantasy team.  Actually, glad I dropped him.  Damn I’m smart.

Surprise, Cards blew another possession… how crazy is Woodson to try and return a punt at the 5?!?  He really wants to make that contract a complete waste.

Packers 4th Series – Great run on a draw by Morency.  You know the line is doing their job when you have guards flying in at the end of a 20 yard run.

Side note – I think I got too excited about a team that won both its games on lucky plays.  Bucs are down 21-0 in the 2nd.

3:33 left in the 2nd Qtr – The Packers defense are who we thought the were!  Cards are picking apart the Pack.  Highlighted by Nick Barnett boasting after getting shoved off by a stiff arm and finally tackling Edge after a 3-4 yard gain to the outside.

***Don’t fruit the beer*** Man-law or not, I still like a lime in a weiss.

Philly is down 7-0 at the half.  They will probably get 30 points in the 3rd quarter and lose.

Tenessee is winning the battle of “We used to be the Oilers” vs the “don’t call us the Oilers”

Back to the game for a moment…  Packers are making the Card run defense look terrible… oh wait.  Looks like two guys will get 100 yards today.


Packers are up 28-7 and the game seems pointless to comment on from here out.  SO I’ll go on to the Ravens.  THey are well in control of the Saints.  Beating NOLA at home has to be bad karma.  It’s up there with pushing a guy in a wheelchair down a steep hill.  I’d be worried if I was in Baltimore right now.  Either the team is going to lose out the rest of the year or the team plane will get hijacked or something.  Beware.

Back to the Packers… It’s 3rd and milimeters and Daryn Colledge moves before the snap.  [Madden]”You can’t get the first down if you can’t snap the ball without moving backwards on a penalty”[/Madden]

PS – Go Jacksonville!

Under 2 minutes left in the game – Al Harris drops another easy INT.

After watching this one… I’m torn.  Did Arizona pass up Oakland as the worst team in the NFL?  Denny Green might just be as bad a coach as Art Shell… Both have coached some loaded teams right out of being competitive.


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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