You’ve got questions before hiring an SEO agency? We’ve got answers.

There are a lot of “what questions to ask before…” blogs posts that have been written over the years. Most of them are very geared toward the way the authoring agency wants to sell you on their services. Some of them manage to do that while actually being helpful. The post that Seer published recently […]

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Help! Keywords Are Driving Traffic but Not Ranking

Google’s Deduplication Update is Affecting Keyword Ranks & Tracking Google Featured Snippet Algorithm Update On January 23, Google announced that they have removed (globally implemented January 22) duplicate site listings shown in featured snippets. So if you had a featured snippet and a result showing in the 3rd position, that 3rd position rank will be […]

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The Unabridged History of the Daveycaster

I’m in this band with my daft paragon cohort George. An internet band. That doesn’t make or play any music. It’s a fake band. A fake internet band.

This began when George and IG friend @goats_and_motorcycles were chatting about the RigsOfDad account and it auto-corrected to RodsOfDad. As one does in these situations, “new band name” was called out. And it stuck.

Eventually I joined. And around the same time (I think), @rudelovephoto came in as well. Followed by Canadian rocker @hessedave. A proper 5 piece with 4 guitarists. Just as any band should be. read more

I Got This Guitar for $200

I’ve been looking for a telecaster-ish guitar forever, just not very seriously. I didn’t want a Fender because there are too many options and I always convince myself the most expensive one is the best. Surprisingly, I found one on Craigslist, for $200. That’s not that big a deal, but it’s a Charvel Model 7. Late 80’s, Japanese made. Not super common. Certainly a steal.

It’s a weird one. The neck wasn’t right. Turns out it’s a WD replacement. It’s not great, but enjoyable. I’ve read the original necks were pretty thin and most of them had a pointy reverse headstock that is certainly an acquired taste. I’d rather have a warmoth neck, but this will do for now. read more

Chase Bliss Audio – Visually Stunning

Chase Bliss pedals are no secret in the high end effects world, but they get most of their credit for the tweakability and sound. Their motto of “digital brain. analog heart” (referring to an analog signal path with digital controls) is not entirely unique, but the degree to which they exploit the possibilities sure is. But there are a lot of reviews of these pedals out there. Check youtube, your favorite gear site, etc. What doesn’t seem to get enough credit is the look and experience of buying a Chase Bliss Audio pedal. read more

Weight Loss

When this week started, the photo above was my pedalboard. Plenty of folks have way more elaborate boards, but mine was hardly on the minimalist end of things. It was fun though. And heavy. It weighed more than a couple of my amps. If I only played at home, that’s read more

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Reviewed: Monark Pedalboards Mainframe

About two years ago, we did a preliminary inspection of a rather neat and highly engineered take on the pedalboard. Fast forward to very recently and Monarch Monark Pedalboards has finally brought their product to the public. We got our hands on their flagship product, the Mainframe (specifically a 26×16 version with a wedge) to see how this concept stacks up with real world use.

Main features – AKA What’s so special?

While these boards currently come in three varieties (two sizes of Mainframe boards and an option to have the larger Mainframe with a wedge), I like to think of them as somewhat modular. That speaks both to the ability to order a custom size as well as the notion that many flavors of boards could exist in the future. The main components in question are: read more

Do You Need an End Game?

I quit my job in March of 2015 and started working for myself as a freelance marketing consultant. That’s relevant to my overall point, but so are the events leading up to that decision. I’ve been a “top performer” at every place I’ve worked, but not out of ambition. Just because I find most jobs easy. This has lead me into an unpleasant cycle. I do well at my job, and it becomes too easy or repetitive. I get promoted to some middle management position, which ends up being more responsibility but little power to change things I care about changing. This makes the job worse. I have no desire to either stick that out nor keep moving up the ladder, so I quit. read more

Fender Mod Shop: Exactly What We Wanted… Sort of.

Not too long ago, we wished for mass-customization options from guitar makers. Basically the same thing you get when you build a car online rather than buy what is on the lot. And with the launch of the Mod Shop, Fender is doing just that. So is it everything we wanted?

I attempted to build my dream telecaster, here’s how it went and what I noticed.

I hope it’s worth it… Starting price is $1,649.99.

Orientation options! Lefties rejoice, you can pick left-handed as an option.

Body choices leave much to be desired. Can only pick one type of wood, which changes based on your color selection (between alder and ash). Have nine color choices. Nothing for different routing choices or anything funky like that. read more

Smelly Guitars, Shady Deals & More

It’s time for some short random thoughts and amusing findings from the internet… 

What happened here?

My friend sent me an ebay listing for a new, but relic’d guitar. This is the one:

I know a tiny bit about Nash and they make good quality stuff if my memory serves me right, but holy shit man. Imagine this were a real 60’s guitar in this condition. Who the hell owned that thing? I picture Andre the Giant taking his shirt off post-match and playing Fleetwood Mac songs on this thing. It would have to be someone that large and sweaty. Even knowing this is not “real” wear and tear, I would probably soak this thing in alcohol before playing it. It looks like it would smell like a nascar race in August. read more