Oh How the Bucks Stink

Before the season started, I went around telling people the Bucks would be bad. On paper, they have a good team. The problem? I think my prediction was that Michael Redd would be averaging 30 points a game, Mo Williams would be shooting 3-15 on 3’s every night with maybe 4 assists and Andrew Bogut would have something like 8 points and 8 rebounds a game. I guess I wasn’t far off.

Look at the latest loss to the Nets. How in the world do you let Bogut go without scoring? Get the guy the ball! Keep giving him the ball until he starts scoring. Absolutely no excuse. read more

Fantasy Football – ARGH!!!

I had a chance today… to move into 2nd place.  The guy I gave Carson Palmer to finally got good play out of a QB (45 points for Palmer), but is still going to lose his game (agains the 2nd place guy).  Oh well.  Despite my best efforts, I won my game.  I left about 35 points on the bench today.  I switched QBs at the last minute and put Brady instead of Rivers in.  Brady got 27 points, Rivers got 40.  I also picked up Mike Furrey and started him ahead of Muhammed.  Furrey got a whopping 2 points to Muhammed’s 22 and counting.  Still, the guy I’m playing against has Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and nobody else.  So, it will end up being a comfortable enough win. read more

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Tonight we went to a Christmas parade in New Berlin.  I’ll leave out the reasoning and whatnot, because that isn’t important.  As we entered the city, I noticed they had a new sign.  It had the city name on top, and below it, a Bud Light logo.  I kid you not… Remember, this is Wisconsin.  It’s not like Budweiser has a plant around here or anything… they just have some sort of sponsorship agreement with this random city of maybe 40,000 people.

I got over that and we went to the parade.  It was mighty cold outside, but that didn’t stop the opportunistic town of New Berlin from trying to make an extra buck.  See, this parade was different from ones I had seen in the past.  Normally you see people in parades walking with signs that say “Troop 49 Girl Scouts” or “South High School Marching Band.”  This parade, you saw “US Bank”, “Quiznos Subs” and “Qdoba”.  It’s not like there was a sign for a business and then some reindeer or something behind it either.  There was maybe 15 signs being carried by 2-3 people wearing their mittens and jackets and that was it.  No special attraction, no battons being twirled, just an advertisement.  I counted at least 7 banks represented.  There were a few franchise food places, a tree nursery, a vet clinic, and several other businesses (some not even from the town, there was a bank from a neighboring city).  All the people watching seemed to take it in as if it were commonplace. read more

Too busy to care about football before Sunday

Damn this week went by way too fast.  I’m sure the weekend will be over before I know it as well.  I am in 3rd place in my fantasy league.  I must crush my competition and feast on their brains.  Shaun Alexander still isn’t playing.   I’m hoping he plays next week and can dominate the rest of the season for me.  Hoping.  He might just be my deadly weapon in the playoffs (along with LJ).

My Madden team won the Super Bowl (Packers, of course).  Took until the 3rd year (this season being the 1st year).  I fired Mike McCarthy.  Benched Aaron Rogers mid-season in favor of a rookie and finished 2nd in the NFC.  Made it in on the strength of defense and a little luck.  In my title defense, I’m 2-0, still managing to survive under the cap with some star players by making a lot of tough cuts and trades, almost Patriots style management.  My young QB is getting better, but gets hurt easiy, which scares me a bit.  Reggie Bush is dominating so far, toward the end of last season he proved to finally be worth all the players and picks I tossed to get him. read more

Killer Robot Terrorizes City

-Orlando Florida

What seemed like a typical monster truck rally turned deadly as “Croczilla”, the car-eating robot monster, lost control and broke out of the stadium to cause havok.  At first the giant mechanical lizard tore apart cars in the parking lot.  When local authorities and, eventually, the national guard tried to stop the beast, it turned its attention from automobiles to people.  3 police offers were swallowed as was one spectator who was sleeping in his car.  The rampage eventually came to an end when Croczilla bit into the gas tank of a pickup truck  and burst into flames.  Lloyd Boyd, the owner of the 1986 Chevy, was not in good spirits when he learned his vehicle was sacrificed.  “Somebody owes me a truck,” said Lloyd, “I’m gonna sue me up everyone here until I get a new one.”  Representitives from the monster truck rally could not be reached for comment. read more

Disappointed in Wisconsin

I suppose it isn’t a surprise, but we voted to amend the state constitution to ban same sex marriage.  Voters proved that they were easily swayed by the threat of, well, nothing at all.  There was no gay marriage here last week, there wouldn’t be gay marriage whether the amendment passed or not.  That seems to be one area that people just couldn’t understand.  I heard so many people talk about stopping same sex marriage.  It wasn’t happening to begin with!  Beyond that, people keep making this a Christian issue.  No amount of voting would force a church to allow any kind of marriage.  I don’t get how it’s a religious issue, it’s a legal issue.  It’s also constitutionally mandated discrimination.  Maybe we should stop those colored folks from getting married while we’re at it.  Anyway, other people were making this about money.  I heard many people say that same sex marriage would promote abuse of insurance benefits (what this amendment was really about).  So we’d have all sorts of people getting married just for benefits.  We don’t have that now?  Easy fix, just have a 1 year moratorium on insurance benefits for married couples (of any sexual orientation).  Obviously insurance companies could do what they wanted in the end, but I see this as an easy way to go.  In the first year, maybe have benefits like health insurance offered at full cost for spouses.  Either way, if it’s a money issue, there’s plenty of smarter ways around it than this.  I’m just not pleased with how the people in this state think.  It is just another way of showing how closed-off this country is.  We legislate morality constantly and try to censor what people are supposed to think, say, see, hear according to certain agendas.  November 7th is a day that Wisconsin, and many other states, turned their backs on freedom. read more

Holidays coming fast

At Kinko’s the poor folks who work in the branch now have to answer the phone: “Happy holidays from FedEx Kinko’s, this is ______, how may I help you?”  The bad part is that they started doing this around Halloween, the worse part is that it actually is the holiday season.  I’m not a grinch, or I try not to be.  However, I usually get a bit stressed this time of year.  When I was young, before my mom passed away, the holidays were easy.  I generally switched off years for Thanksgiving between mom/dad (parents were divorced) and I always did Christmas Eve with dad’s family and Christmas day with mom’s.  Now it is much more complicated.  I don’t really keep in touch with mom’s family, but I have dad’s, step-mom’s, and the woman’s families.  Worse yet, some of Kathi’s family lives out of state.  So in recent years, it might go like this: Thanksgiving is often a nightmare.  Brunch with dad and afternoon with Kathi’s.  Two Thanksgiving meals in one day.  One a year is enough… For Christmas, there is still Christmas Eve with dad.  But now, there’s later on Christmas Eve with step-mom.  Christmas day is generally Kathi’s dad’s side of the family and sometimes a separate event the same day for the immediate family.  Usually the weekend before Christmas is with Kathi’s mom’s family, which is the out-of-staters.  So we might be around here one year, might be in the northwest Chicago burbs another year and might be near Iowa the next year.  Beyond that, there’s another Christmas event for very very close family friends of Kathi.  So right there we are looking at 6 events for one holiday.  Good thing we generally avoid company Christmas parties.  Needless to say it’s rather stressful trying to make all this work.  It becomes less about love and hapiness and more about time management.  Did I mention that Kathi’s b-day is December 26th?  Throw in another event.
So this year we’re pretty much saying screw it.  Thanksgiving is kind of a mess, as people have moved and others are travelling.  We don’t want any part in it and are just using it as an excuse to have a 4 day weekend.  Christmas is better yet.  We’ll still be roped into the out of state event, which is cool because I usually get booze as a gift.  Last year it was a bottle of Grey Goose (very nice!).  For the actually Christmas time frame, we are going halfway across the country to get away from it all.  Kathi’s sister lives not far from San Diego and isn’t coming home this year.  So Kathi and I are going to her.  Spending 4 days/3 nights out there with no big plans, no commitments, just relaxation and lots of it.  We’ll land after Christmas when the dust has settled and be able to go back on with our lives as if it were any other time of year. read more

NFL – Mid-Season Fun

We’re halfway to the playoffs and it’s still hard to figure out half of these teams. So much of the league is up and down every week, you can’t tell if a team is on the verge of finding themselves or moving to the Pac 10. There’s really only a small handful of teams that are locks to make the playoffs. I can only see one team having a legitimate chance of winning it all. Anyone else who happens to go all the way is purely on luck.

Here’s my take on where all the teams stand. Going best to worst. read more

Why people in the UK are smarter than people in the US

In the US, Justin Timberlake appears not once, but TWICE on our top 5 music chart.

In the UK, he barely sneaks in the top 20 (#18 currently)… and is only there once!