I hate poetry

For my English class we are getting into the thick of a long-term poetry project.  I cannot express enough how much I despise poetry.  I love literature of all varieties, just not poetry.  I feel people write poetry for one of 3 reasons; 1) to show off how talented a writer they are, 2) to make people feel bad for them or 3) to get laid.  When I complain about poetry people always bring up my love of music and try to compare the two.  That is crap.  As self-absorbed as singers are, their lyrics are generally meaningless.  They are simply another instrument.  The ones that try to be deep, generally fall to the same fate as poets.  Seriously, poetry is like the drum solo of the written world.  It is literary masturbation.  Nothing makes me more angry than to suffer through some knob going on and on trying to compare the love of his life to a brisk autumn day.  Give me a break… stop droning on about your life in a manner that only strokes your ego.  Try to find a useful contribution to society.  Give blood, pick up trash, just please, don’t write poetry. read more

Fantasy Football – Week 8

Moved up 2 spots to 3rd place (tied for 1st by record) this week. I was the first team in the league to put up 200 points in a game (won 213-114). Not only that, but I beat the 1st place guy who has been just crushing teams. Well, that was in great part because the poor guy has his entire team riding on the Eagles. He’s got McNabb, Westbrook and the Eagles D. Makes it tough when they all get shut down. For me, Larry Johnson and 4TDs, Colston and 2 TDs, Reggie Wayne and 3TDs… hard to lose. I also snagged Tom Brady from free agency. Wish I had started him, he scored 46 points in my league. Not like it mattered, but there’s nothing wrong with running up the scoreboard. read more

Packers vs. Cardinals

I tried keeping a journal of the Packers game… it was tough given the fact that the 2nd half wasn’t really worth watching.  Anyway…

The official total for Brett Favre Retirment Mentions – 2
Official total for Favre vs. Leinart talk – 2 (they waited until the 2nd quarter to bring it up!)

1st Qtr – Cards first series – How many times has Al Harris been his right in the chest and dropped an interception?  Time to stop thinking about that contract and start watching the ball. read more

I’m learnding

Going to the book store to try and do some hardcore studying. I’ll probably end up skipping homework and reading bad football magazines, but who cares.

Tried going to give plasma today, used to give blood all the time and figured this would be a good idea since you are helping people and getting paid for it as well. Forgot my social security card, couldn’t get in. Did get to watch Purple Rain on TV while I waited to get called. Place was also in a rather scary neighborhood. Didn’t get shot, which is good. Not interested in giving THAT much blood. read more

NFL Week 8

While previewing this week in the NFL, the local paper made note of the achilles injury to the Giants LaVar Arrington. Reason being, the Packers made a big push to sign him in the offseason. The column said the Packers must be feeling glad they didn’t sign him, given his severe injury. How does that make sense? Is this writer suggesting that it must be some divine intervention that caused Arrington’s injury and that it would’ve chased him down wherever he was? Had he given up football and gotten a job managing a grocery store, would an old lady accidentally slam him in the leg with a shopping cart? Sounds like a 4th chapter in the Final Destination series. read more

Video Games and Selling my Soul

Well, I found a bunch of info on disc read errors with the PS2… I figured out how to adjust the laser inside the unit as well. I took everything apart and made sure there was no dust on the lens or anywhere else for that matter. I didn’t have time to play with lens adjustment, as I was really tired and high on cold medicine at the time. However, as I have time and feel better, I plan to sit down and give it a shot. Seems to be a trial and error process for the most part… but I was planning on buying a new system anyway, so if I can prevent that, great, if not, nothing changes. Worth a shot. read more


My PS2 died tonight. It had to happen eventually I suppose, it was the 1st generation… one of the originals. It started to freeze up on me a good year ago. Lately it would freeze and not recognize games when inserted until several reboots occurred. This time around, it just wouldn’t read anything. I’m guessing the lens is screwed up or something… but it doesn’t matter. Now I have to buy a new one. That means time with no Madden. I think I am going to kill somebody. This is how school shootings happen. read more

Pulled it Off

I made either a brilliant trade or just gave up a great player for nothing. The other guy accepted the Palmer for Alexander move. So now my running backs consist of Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander, Thomas Jones and Lawrence Maroney. Not too bad, eh? Alexander hopes to play this week, which would rock so very very much. That means I’ll have a potential starting lineup of Phillip Rivers at QB, Shaun Alexander and Larry Johnson at RB, Reggie Wayne and either Muhsin Muhammad or possibly Larry Fitzgerald (he might be back from his hamstring injury) at WR, Marques Colston at TE (bless Yahoo for putting him at tight end!) and probably Thomas Jones at the “flex” spot. My defense just got a little shaky though, with San Diego likely being out both their outside linebackers for 4 weeks. So I nabbed the Vikings defense as a little insurance. Too bad they play the Patriots this week. read more


So I had a dream about getting a duck. Not just any duck… it was a helper duck. It came to a party I was apparently hosting. The duck ended up being a good friend. He didn’t talk much or really do anything but clean my bathroom, but I really loved that duck. See, cleaning the bathroom was a big deal, because I was the size of a Lego person and the house was normal size. So the bathroom was huge. The dream took a sad turn when the duck had to go to war with all the other ducks. This pretty much involved going downstairs to who knows what. I was rather depressed about the duck leaving. What seemed like years later, the ducks started returning up the stairs. They received quite an ovation from the town (suddenly there was a full village in my hallways?). I was so excited about my little ducky returning. Yet, as they marched in one by one, my friend wasn’t there. I was screaming out his name in anger when all the sudden, he appeared. He had ran out on the war and was sleeping at the local inn, I guess embarrassed to show himself as a cowardly duck. I rejoiced at the return of my duck. There was no hugs or hellos, we just went back to the bathroom for some cleaning. read more

Screwy Sunday

Well I’ve got one interesting offer on the table. Shaun Alexander for Carson Palmer. Alexander will likely play not next week, but the week after. That would be week 9 against Oakland. Assuming he comes back by that date (docs say he’s doing great and pain is gone), it would be a fairly easy schedule for the last 9 games. I’d have favorable matchups against the Raiders, two vs the 49ers, another against Green Bay and one against Arizona. The rest of the games are hit or miss depending on how the team is doing. Whereas Palmer has a horrible schedule all year. The biggest question is whether Alexander will come back strong and soon. Palmer has been slowly finding a rhythm, but has been irratic for the most part. He could be strong the rest of the year, he could be up and down. Either way, I’ve got a strong backup in Rivers and Leinart is hopefully going to improve every week. The only way it’s a bust is if Alexander hurts himself again. read more