So it’s coming down to the zero hour and I’m incredibly torn on who to start at quarterback. I have 3 QB’s still (because I was trying to pull a trade with Carson Palmer, but it’s not happening yet).

Palmer is going up against Carolina. I don’t trust that matchup. The Bengals have had a terrible offensive line all year and the Panthers D is not too shabby. Phillip Rivers is playing at Arrowhead. Last year the Chiefs crushed them there. The Chargers should clean up in this game… but minus a freak-out against the Steelers, Kansas City has not allowed points. The Chargers have a great run defense, probably the best, but it’s Larry Johnson. Even with that line the Chiefs have, he still might run for 200 yards today and keep Rivers off the field. Then there is Matt Leinart. The rookie playing for a bad team. He’s playing the Raiders, which is a sure win, but I’m afraid Edge James might be running the ball all day (I’d hope not, because he’s been terrible in Arizona). read more

I guess I’m not starting this week?

I was hoping this would be my big debut… down in the Miami sun against a pathetic secondary. I could flash some skills while whatever hack announcer Fox has makes fun of my last name. Maybe next week.

In other news… I was watching the local news on our NBC affiliate this morning. They had a little contest to win a 4-pack of Bucks tickets for this weekends game against the Nuggets (return of George Karl). I won some tickets. Yay me. I know it’s preseason and it’s the NBA… but it’s free and an excuse to skip homework for a while. read more

Hey Ted – Gimme a Call

Just letting everyone on the Packers know, I’m available. I’m 6′2″ 200lbs, run the 40 in about 40, don’t go over the middle but run crisp routes, have good hands and never had a DUI. I’ll work hard and take the minimum for a white receiver (which I think is about $6.50/hour).

Seriously though, now that Koren Robinson is going to spend the next year in court, jail or the bar… who does Favre throw to? Ferguson might not play again this year. That leaves us with 3 receivers! Not only that, but Driver is banged up (rib injuries don’t tend to heal quick when you’re always getting popped by linebackers and safeties on slant routes, either) and Ruvell Martin is not a really attractive #3 option. read more

Monday Night Crazy

So I went into Monday night down by 18 points in my fantasy game. I still had Thomas Jones and Robbie Gould to play, but the other guy had Rex Grossman. Kind of a tough situation, because it’s hard for my guys to do well without Rex getting points. Right?

Funny thing about that… 4 INTs and 2 fumbles. Under 150 yards and no TDs. Total points for Grossman? -7.

Barely any points for Jones, but a few catches and some yards on the ground are enough to turn the Grossman thing into a 11 point swing. read more

Up Next – Lamont Jordan eats more stuff on the sidelines

I know the guy is mad that he fumbled and is on the worst football team we’ve seen in ages… but I think what is really eating up #34 is all the death threats he is likely receiving from discouraged fantasy owners. If I had him on my team, you can bet I’d be screaming for him to push the QB out of the way and take the snaps himself. If there’s anything worse than being a talented back on a terrible team, it’s being a talented back on a terrible team who is signed for 3 more years of this mess. read more

NFL Week 6 – The day the Philly bandwagon has the wheels fall off

You heard it here first… I’m sick of people jumping on the Philly bandwagon. It’s destined for failure. Westbrook’s knee is going to crumble, none of the wideouts are going to stay healthy or consistantly perform, the defense is getting hurt every week, the division is going to get tougher as the year goes on. I’m marking this week as the week that Philly starts to stumble. They’re going into New Orleans, which is a karma nightmare. Stay tuned…

10/15 1:00 ET Cincinnati -4.5 At Tampa Bay
I think Cinci is going to come off the bye and put that New England game well into the past and start dominating teams again. Tampas D is getting older and slower by the minute. Palmer might throw for 500 yards.
read more

Fantasy Football – Week 5

Won my game this week. By 10 points. Pretty ugly game, but managed on a big receiving day by Larry Johnson, a ton of kicks by Gould and a decent outing by the Chargers D. I’ll take it though, I’m at 3-2 and in 5th place (because of points)
This week might be a tough one. Guy I’m going up against is 2-3 and lost by only 2 points last week. He doesn’t have a terribly strong team, but he’s got Grossman going up against the Cardinals, Santana Moss against the Titans, Rudi Johnson and Housyomama against Tampa as well as Turner and gates playing the niners. Some good matchups. I’m hoping Carson Palmer will come off the bye strong for me and pass a lot… but not to TJ or Rudi. I’m playing Javon Walker against the Raiders. Even Jake the Snake can pass for 400 yards against those jokers. Sadly, the Broncos probably won’t have to pass much. Larry Johnson is playing the Steelers, who aren’t giving up much for rush yards, but Edwards says he’s going to pound the ball on the ground this week. Here’s hoping. Thomas Jones against the Cardinals should be a safe bet. Lovie better not pull him out in the red zone this week. The Colts have a bye, so I’m down a tight end and receiver. Plus Larry Fitzgerald is hurt. So I picked up Daniel Wilcox (dropped Dallas Clark) which is probably a waste with McNair throwing the ball. I dumped Mike Bell (since Tatum is apparantly going to keep starting) and picked up Leon Washington. He did well last week and is playing the Dolphins, who are hoping for a turnaround with Joey Harrington calling the shots (insert snickering here). I dropped the Bengals D (since the Chargers are better anyway) and nabbed Mike Furrey. Seems like a swanky move… he knows Martz’s crazy offense from his days with the Rams, he’s the only WR on the Lions who actually works hard, he was NOT drafted by Millen and he’s done alright so far. Combine all that with a potential shootout against the Bills and it could make me a happy guy. Or he could get 3 catches for 24 yards and no scores and get cut next week. read more

“A” to Stern for Effort

So David Stern announced the NBA would begin enforcing a “Rasheed Wallace Rule.”  This anti-whining policy will encourage refs to give technicals early and often to players who throw their arms up in disgust after a foul is called.  The basic idea is to attempt to regain the credibility of the refs and to punish those who feel they can usurp their authority.


One of the top reasons for the failure of the NBA is the fact that it has become a league of babies.  Players act as though they are immune to the rules both on and off the court.  When someone actually tries to enforce these rules, players cry and scream like a child who had its bottle stolen.  I, for one, am sick of this attitude.  Apparently, I’m not alone. read more

Adrian Peterson Countdown – 202 Days to Go

After another stunning loss today, it is clear what the Packers must do. Lose enough games to secure Peterson in the draft. He’s easily the best running back out there and likely the biggest impact player on the board (so far). Afterall, the Packers have a QB, their wideout crop is not so bad as long as Koren Robinson can stay out of jail and the offensive line simply needs experience. Defensive players are rarely worth high picks anyway. The Packers desperately need help in the running game. The line is making some holes, they just don’t have a guy who can hit them. Morency looked like the guy (for the time being at least), until he fumbled twice in 6 carries (although I think they called the 2nd one down by contact). read more

Winter is just around the corner

So I re-upped my subscription to Golf Magazine. I missed a few months before doing so, but I’m over that. The part that is bugging me now, it’s October in Wisconsin and I’m sitting here reading about Golf. What am I supposed to do, learn how to correct my hook and practice it on Tiger Woods ‘06 for the PS2? There should be a different release schedule for those of us living in nothern states so we get no issues when the average temp is below freezing and make up for it by getting 2 issues a month when it is warm. I’d prefer a system of completely forgetting about all Summer activities. No baseball talk, no Summer Olympics preview, no selling bathing suits at any stores, no episodes of South Beach on TV. Well, that last one can go year-round. read more