Sunday Sunday Sunday

I can’t wait for the weekend. I’m pumped. Teams are starting to play in top form and you can already start to tell who the contenders will be at the end. Well, I’ve never really been a gambling man, other than small change office pools. However, I’m going to try something new and give my picks for the weekend. I figure if I ever hope to be a legit sportswriter, I have to give my readers an easy way to blow their paychecks.

Winners are in bold. Favorites are on the left. read more

Another one bites the dust

Bye bye Ahmad Carroll.  No more blown coverage.  No more illegal hands to the face.  No more defensive holding.  No more arguing with officials before the play is whistled dead.  No more #28.

To celebrate this amazing first round bust, let’s take a peak at some of the other wonderful draft choices Mike Sherman made from ‘01-’04.  There were some good ones:

2001: World class disaster
1st round – Jamal Reynolds – No longer with the team
2nd round – Robert Ferguson – Huge disappointment
3rd round – Bhawoh Jue – No longer with the team (thank God!)
3rd round – Torrance Marshall – No longer with the team
4th round – Bill Ferrerio – Who?
5th round – David Martin – still with us, hasn’t done anything read more

Electronic Foosball

So I finally bought Madden ‘07.  I had to.  I can’t believe it took this long.  I am a little more honest of a GM than in the real world, and have no problem admitting that the Packers need an overhaul.  I really wanted Reggie Bush (the guy is a future HOF member, no doubt) so I dumped my 1st round pick, Al Harris and Mark Tauscher for Bush and a 2nd round pick.  Worth it.  I traded Ahman Green for an offensive lineman (I forgot who, I’ll post later) and I think another draft pick.  I also picked up a new center, for Cullen Jenkins and someone else.  Both offensive lineman are quality starters.  I’m 3-2 right now and my defense is doing a decent job of a bend-don’t-break style but the offense is struggling.  Slowly picking it up, but the run game is ugly (with still some ugly spots on the line) and my play with Favre has been not too far off from reality.  Still, 3-2 is pretty darn good.  I’ll update that as I go on. read more

Foosball – Week 4

Hey, Driver just caugh a pass.  Way to go, now that his butter-fingers have put us down by 15 points.  The announcers on MNF just said it’s exciting when Favre throws interceptions.  Seconds later, Favre lays it up for grabs to Michael Lewis.  Anyway, is Ahmad Carroll the worst player on the Packer roster or is it just me?  Tonight I’ve seen him get burned on a bunch of deep passes (either when he’s looking at the QB for no reason or he’s just out of position), I’ve watched him arguing with a ref about a catch before tackling a receiver or hearing the whistle blow… I’m sure I’ve missed him celebrating after making a mediocre play (like takling a receiver that just beat him deep).  Seriously, this guy needs to get the hell out of town.  I don’t care what kind of cap hit we have to take (I think he’s got like 2 years and $3-4 million left on his contract), we can afford it.  He needs to go.  I could almost tolerate the sloppy play of Nick Barnett if I didn’t have to watch Carroll again.  He’s worse than Bhawoh Jue (who might not have been that bad of a player, but he was always around something bad happening).  He’s worse than Terrell Buckley (who turned out to be a halfway decent player when he got his vision checked out).  He just plain sucks.  Hmm, as I was typing this Carroll got busted for holding, STILL gave up the catch!!!  It’s just like when you foul a guy driving open to the hole in basketball.  If you’re going to foul a guy, you better not let him dunk it.  If you’re going to hold a receiver, that guy better not get anywhere near a catch.  Now the Packers are down by 22.  I think the game is over.  Moving on… read more

Angry Letter

This is something I wrote maybe 6 months ago.

An open letter to retail customers,

Hello, good morning, good afternoon, how do you do? Are you familiar with any of these phrases? It sure seems as though they are foreign to you. I hope it does not come as too much of a shock, but I checked in to it and “I need” is not an acceptable greeting in any part of the world. So before you bombard me with demands, take a deep breath and please acknowledge the fact that you are talking to a person, not a machine or giant clown with a speaker in its nose. I don’t expect you to care about my day, as I surely don’t care about yours. I merely request the simple courtesy of a “hello” before any further yelling commences. read more

Foosball Again…

I can’t believe Seattle let the G-Men score all those points in garbage time… they should’ve kept crushing them like a college team.  Break Eli’s arm or something while he’s trying to save face.  I guess that’s why I’m not a coach.

I saw some stat somewhere before the Denver game that 85% of people on Yahoo pick the Pats to win.  What have the Pats done to show they have a good team this year?  Trade their best receiver?  Almost lose to the Jets?  Did Belichick have a brand new pair of sweatpants for this game?  I don’t get it.  The Broncos are the real deal.  Forget all that Jake Plummer nonsense, because it doesn’t matter if you have him or Cutler in there, you’re still going to win with that team. read more

Eat yer spinach

Seriously… is this story THAT big of news? has had the story in the headlines since it broke.  Not only that, but they have 3 different streaming videos where you can hear the latest discoveries in the case.  One news source I saw (along with probably dozens more) has a timeline of the events. is already predicting the next great spinach scare.  I’ve yet to see somebody try to link this to terrorism (check that, I’ve yet to see a remotely credible news source link this to terrorism, but the stories are out there), but you know somebody at Reuters is just waiting to drop that bomb.  Watch out everybody, those crazies in the Middle East are going to unleash their next master plot… to give 170 or so people a bad case of indigestion!  The horror! read more

Surgery Time

So Friday is the big day. I get to have my nose broken and scraped/hollowed out. I get to be drugged until I pass out. I’m sure all sorts of crazy painkillers will be prescribed. Most importantly, I get a 4 day weekend out of it. Too bad there’s not much of anything to do around the house other than homework. Maybe I’ll rebuild my computer or try to learn a new song on guitar. Or I’ll just lay on the couch and watch a bunch of old movies and act cranky from boredom.

The goal of all this, is that I will hopefully be able to breathe through my nose. I really haven’t been able to… since I can remember. Definitely not since I broke my nose back in 6th grade. The idea is, if I can breathe through my nose again, I should hopefully be able to get a good night sleep again. That hasn’t happened in probably 8-10 years. Imagine going 10 years on what feels like 3-4 hours of sleep a night (or less). It’s a real peach. If I can wake up feeling rested again, and not get 1-2 migraines a week, every week, I’ll probably die of hapiness. read more

Nose Stuff

Went back to work for the first time today. It was a mistake I think. It was so dead that it really didn’t matter. I just did boring busy work and left a little early.

Anyway, Thursday should hopefully be a good day. I get to go into the nose doc and get the splint taken out of my nose. I think it is poking into my brain. I tried and tried to look for it in my nose (without hurting myself or sticking a finger up there) but couldn’t see anything. So it’s got to be in my brain, just like that crayon that Homer lost. I’m thinking that this will be a very painful visit. Or at least, if they numb my nose somehow, the hour or so afterward will be very painful. The nose is still ultra tender to the touch. At any rate, this should allow me to start breathing more normally. Also, I might be able to blow my nose after the splint it out. In the past few days I would’ve sold my soul to be able to blow my nose. read more

Ugh Tired

Went back out in the world tonight. School seemed like an easy way to get back into being a normal person after a 5 day leave. Well, it was tough. My nose is still stuffy and runny at the same time, so I was making all sorts of noise trying to suck in my boogers/blood/whatever. Also, despite the fact that I’ve been resting a lot, I have no energy. Walking any kind of long distance (like across the parking lot) was surprisingly trying. Now I have to get zero sleep (since I can’t get any air in my nose yet and hate sleeping on my back) and try a full day of work. Not sure if I’ll make it the full day, but I hear it’s very slow there so it should be easygoing if anything. read more