Paid Search Management

I’ve managed millions of dollars in ad spend for hundreds of clients.  Whether you’ve got 50 keywords and a small budget, or over a million keywords in hundreds of campaigns – I can help improve your accounts.  Some of the areas in which I focus:

  • Bid Management: I’ve built and acquired tools to make the process fast and effective.  Manage bids on thousands of keywords a day with no wasted time. I’ve managed accounts with hundreds of thousands of keywords and keep a close eye on performance targets.
  • Product Ads: Google & Bing shopping campaigns as well as third parties like Amazon, Bizrate, etc.
  • Ad Copy Development: Get the most out of your character limits, with statistically significant testing processes to boot.
  • Display Network: Acquire new customers profitably, or retain them with remarketing. I have experience with remarketing, dynamic remarketing, contextual display, lookalike targeting and more.

At this time, I only handle paid search management on an ongoing basis. I work with clients that have existing accounts as well as those who are starting new. I’m open to creative billing methods but my favorite is a fixed monthly fee with performance bonuses built in (for profit or revenue targets). I’ll work with you to help identify goals, but only take accounts that have a good understanding of their necessary margins and profitability targets. PPC is about maximizing revenue for a given return first and foremost, so that’s where our conversations will start.


Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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