Screwy Sunday

Well I’ve got one interesting offer on the table. Shaun Alexander for Carson Palmer. Alexander will likely play not next week, but the week after. That would be week 9 against Oakland. Assuming he comes back by that date (docs say he’s doing great and pain is gone), it would be a fairly easy schedule for the last 9 games. I’d have favorable matchups against the Raiders, two vs the 49ers, another against Green Bay and one against Arizona. The rest of the games are hit or miss depending on how the team is doing. Whereas Palmer has a horrible schedule all year. The biggest question is whether Alexander will come back strong and soon. Palmer has been slowly finding a rhythm, but has been irratic for the most part. He could be strong the rest of the year, he could be up and down. Either way, I’ve got a strong backup in Rivers and Leinart is hopefully going to improve every week. The only way it’s a bust is if Alexander hurts himself again.

Speaking of my backup QB’s… what the hell?!? I start Leinart, figuring that even the pathetic Cardinals can run up the score on the Raiders. Pfft, so much for that. 203 yards and 2 INTs equals a big 12 points. Rivers and Palmer scored 27 and 29 points respectively. Still, I am up by 50 points at the end of the day thanks to big games from Larry Johnson and Reggie Wayne. Honorable mention goes to Javon Walker and Chris Cooley. Lawrence Maroney was a total bust. I hope the Pats don’t start going back to Dillon… I have a feeling there’s going to be a dreaded 3 man comittee the rest of the year. The Alexander trade will hopefully resurect that, and I’ll have Thomas Jones to play the #2 RB spot next week. Anyway, my opponent still has Eli and Tiki. I’m praying that Dallas can get their act together and shut down those two. I suppose that Eli could throw for 2 TDs and Tiki could run for one, as long as they don’t combine for 600 yards, I should still pull out the win. I’m hoping for a low scoring game for MNF.

PS – Anyone see the Eagles game? Another last second field goal… and a hell of a boot at that. I know a lot of guys who can’t knock a KICKOFF 62 yards. McNabb had another hell of a 3rd quarter. For fantasy purposes, you should be able to start somebody else in the 1st half and switch for the 2nd half. Actually… that would really suck for anyone who doesn’t have McNabb. He scored 41 points in my league, by the way, probably all but 5 points of it was 3rd/4th quarter. Insane. Either way, Eagles lost. It’s going to be another tough day for them against the Jags next week.


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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