My approach to SEO is simple. All SEO decisions must be made to support the overall business goals.┬áThere is no uniform best practice or go-to plan that leaves you with a Google+ page and convoluted web of html sitemaps. I’m going to take whatever your overall marketing decisions are for the website and advise on the best ways to turn that into organic search visibility.

I’m happy to talk with anyone and with a little discussion as well as independent research on your site, I can tell you if I think I can help and how. If we decide to work together, my services can be lumped into a few general buckets.



This is common in the industry and I’m no different in that I focus on the infrastructure and content of your website combined with external visibility to provide suggestions for short and long term improvements. Unlike some people in the field, you won’t get an automated report spit out by a 3rd party tool or copy/pastes of Google Search Console warnings.

Completion and review of an audit is a great way to decide if you need help on an ongoing basis, or just some short-term advisory work.



Short-term SEO work can fit into many categories. Some of the project-based work I perform is:

  • Migrations to new platforms
  • Launches of first-time websites
  • Consulting other major technical changes
  • Copywriting projects
  • Consolidation of domains
  • Local search review/setup
  • Helping with Google penalties (algorithmic or manual)
  • International search technical guidance
  • Consultation through hierarchy/navigational changes
  • More!


Ongoing Services

My most common work is monthly retainers. We’ll set some objectives up front and refresh them over time, but as we go you’ll receive whatever suggestions best fit your website. Retained services tend to be a mix of content optimization, technical changes, copywriting, and more.


Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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