Is Time Up for Mike McCarthy & Aaron Rodgers?

For the third straight year, the Packers lost in the playoffs.  For most teams, this wouldn’t be so terrible, but the Packers feature one of the two or three best quarterbacks of the past decade.  Someone who is believed to be a sure fire Hall of Famer.  A quarterback who has nine seasons behind him and might be seeing his window of opportunity closing.

The early responses point to a few common themes in the Ted Thompson era.  Many critics are saying there’s a lack of overall toughness, citing repeated losses to very physical Giants and 49ers teams.  Others say the defense is terrible.  And there’s a healthy mix of complaints about a lack of veteren leadership / free agents. read more

Aaron Rodgers gets PAID

The Packers have seen all they need to see from their new starting quarterback.  And going into the weekend, they decided to pull the trigger and make a deal that will keep Rodgers in Green Bay for the better part of his career.  Rodgers signed the deal Friday morning that makes him among the highest paid quarterbacks in the league.  The new contract will put Rodger’s yearly salary above all quarterbacks but Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, Matt Ryan and Tony Romo.  Romo’s deal beats Rodgers’ by about $5m total. read more

Despite win, Packers still need help

Yes, Aaron Rodgers looked great… but the team still showed no sign of improvement other than the ability to stick with the run.  The Packers actually surprised me, running 39 times (for only 113 yards, 2.9 avg).  So even though they finally kept running the ball, they really didn’t go anywhere.  They also did no better stopping the run, giving up 4.9 per carry.  They also have Ryan Pickett getting an MRI today on his tricept… we’ll hopefully get news on that shortly. read more

Packers: 2008 vs. 2007

After 3 straight losses, many Packers fans may be saying “what’s wrong?”  This team almost made the Super Bowl last year.  I’m sure many people will blame Rodgers.  Well, more specifically, the fact that he is NOT Brett Favre.  If Favre came back, this was supposed to be a championship team, right?  Well, I don’t know about that.

This time last year, Favre had 1500 yards, 9 TDs, 4 INTs.  Rodgers?  He has 1270 yards, 9 TDs, 4 INTs.  The big difference is the run game has actually produced more yards per game which has allowed Rodgers to throw less. read more

Packers play-calling – vanilla?

I’m going to focus on 1st down, this week vs. Tampa Bay.

1st Quarter – Drive 1:
1st and 10 at GB 42(14:51) R.Grant left end pushed ob at GB 48 for 6 yards
1st and 10 at TB 48(13:06) A.Rodgers sacked ob at TB 49 for -1 yards
1st and 10 at TB 33(11:51) R.Grant left tackle to TB 25 for 8 yards

1st Quarter – Drive 2:
1st and 10 at GB 20(8:48) A.Rodgers pass short right to D.Driver to GB 28 for 8 yards
1st and 10 at GB 31(7:00) A.Rodgers pass incomplete short right to R.Grant. read more

Rodgers on his way

Week 1, first time as a starter, first game without hall of famer QB Brett Favre on the team, prime time game, division rival, enormous expectations.  The only way Aaron Rodgers could have more pressure tonight would be if he had been the one telling Favre to take a hike over the Summer.  The entire football world was focusing on this kid tonight, seeing how he would handle things.  It was expected that he would stumble here and there.  Maybe some bad throws, even an interception or two.  People expected the Vikings to win.  The Packers had a different game plan. read more

Rodgers looks pretty good in first start

Yeah, it was pre-season.  Yeah, it was agains the pitiful Bengals.  Yeah it was just one quarter.  However, Aaron Rodgers still looked pretty darn good.  A lot of his incompletions and his interception were the fault of dropped passes.  He looked confident and did a good job progressing through his reads.  You could definitely see the difference between Rodgers, who has studied for 3 years and Brohm, who is fresh on the scene.  Brohm (and Flynn) looked very aprehensive and unfamiliar in the offense.  They repeatedly locked in on their first receiving target and never looked elsewhere.  They rushed throws, missed targets, either stood too still or moved too much.  They basically looked like rookies.  Rodgers moved really well and looked like he saw the whole field.  It’s only 12 minutes of pre-season football, but it makes you feel better about the direction of the team. read more

What if Robin got his shot?

Batman and Robin.  Super hero, understudy.  Always has been that way, always will be.  Robin is always an afterthought compared to Batman, because Batman is Batman.  It has nothing to do with what Robin has done or hasn’t done.  In fact, unless you are the type of person who really studied the comics, you don’t know much about Robin at all.  The common person thinks of Robin from the aweful TV show where he was (in)famous for saying things like “holy uncanny photographic mental process, Batman!”  You can’t judge the entire potential of a character on a poorly written spoof sitcom.  Robin still got the bad guy a few times and he always put in a good effort.  Not only that, but he learned from Batman!  It’s not like it was some character with superhuman abilities like Spider Man trying to teach something that can’t be taught.  Sure, there is some inherit ability in being Batman, maybe some good instincts or reflexes.  However, a lot of it is based on experience and a knowledge of his craft.  Let’s face it, large fortune aside Batman is a regular guy like anyone else.  Sure, he’s a tad more pissed off than most, but regular guy nonetheless.  So why is it impossible to believe that someone who maybe has a similar skillset couldn’t learn Batman’s craft?  Maybe if Batman takes a vacation for a month, is it impossible to believe that Robin couldn’t go off and take out Dr. Doom?  Is it even beyond comprehension that Robin could do Batman’s job better?  Or at least, do it better than an old, overweight George Clooney Batman?  Well, obviously I’m not the only one who wondered this, because there was a comic series (maybe more than one) based on the Robin character going solo. read more

Favre Comeback – Where do I begin?

Not that it can possibly be a secret at this point, but the word is Brett Favre wants to come back and play again.  The Packers don’t want him, they don’t want to release him either.  They want him retired.  Sorry Brett, should’ve thought of this before you announced your retirement.  Bummer for Brett, but that’s life, right?

Who knows… Even if the Packers want Favre back, you’d think they would put a big front on to make sure Brett really truely wants to come back.  You don’t want to take the guy in and have him change his mind week 2 of pre-season.  You also don’t want your future QB, Aaron Rodgers, to think that you’ll just cast him aside one more year without a second thought if you can get any hope of Favre being around.  And if the Packers don’t want Favre back, that makes sense too.  They’ve invested a lot in turning over the franchise and eventually you have to see that plan into action. read more

Now what?

What did I say at the ’07 draft?

Everyone on the planet said it, why did we pick Justin Harrell?  The guy was always hurt, and no surprise, he’s hurt again.  Can we cut this dude, eat his signing bonus and stop paying 1st round money to someone who will be on the PUP list the next 5 years anyway?

Other news, Jason Taylor doesn’t want to come to Green Bay.  Well, no kidding!  What did Deion Sanders call it many years ago when he was still playing?  The coldest, smallest, borinest city in the NFL?  The whole thing is, Green Bay is likely the only team in the NFL where Taylor could come in and A) Start, B) Be the hero of the defense (which he arguably had to split reps with Zach Thomas on) and C) Have a realistic chance at a Super Bowl in the next 2 years (assuming the Aaron Rodgers project doesn’t blow up from day 1).  Most any other team is either going to A) Put him in a rotation, B) Have him play in the shadow of an established defensive star, C) Not win (or some combination of the 3).  If you think about Green Bay last year, Favre really did nothing spectacular all year… and we came an interception away from the Super Bowl.  If you look at the other playoff teams last year, Washington, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Seattle all had problems on offense that need to get solved before Jason Taylor would help them go further.  New York could use a guy in the left end spot, but many would say they don’t have a chance at repeating, New England, San Diego and Indy already have pass rushers (and Indy can’t afford another contract).  So that would put Taylor in the position of trying to find a large market team that is an old defensive end away from a Super Bowl.  Fat chance. read more