WTF is wrong with the EC? Microsoft antitrust talk again

So the EC is laying antitrust charges on Microsoft for bundling IE and Windows.  They claim this is hurting competition in the web browser market.  Seriously?  Why do you suppose this is?  Is it because IE is a superior browser?  Is it because Microsoft denies people the ability to switch?  Is it because most people have little or no clue competition exists?  I think the last item is closest to the truth.  With that assumption in mind, if Microsoft packaged Windows with no web browser, what would people do?  Would they have to figure out how to download a browser without having an existing platform to work from?  My guess is that IE would be the easiest one to attain without having a browser at all.  As far as I know, you can’t just go to the store and buy a Firefox CD.  Maybe you can, but why would you when you can get it for free online?

If we ignore the complications of people finding and installing their own browser, what other option is there?  Should Microsoft be forced to sell Windows with 3rd party browsers installed?  If so, why should they be required to support the competion?

This is just another example of the EU trying to punish big business from outside their borders.  It’s also a case of policymakers not really understanding the problems they are trying to regulate.  I’m not a Microsoft fanboy, but I will definitely support them in this case.  This is just foolish use of government.  Businesses (including MSFT) are hurting enough, they don’t need big brother cracking the whip for needless regulation.