Sabathia making Brewers history?

Well, maybe recent history.  As of a few moments ago, Sabathia threw his third complete game as a Brewer (in 4 starts, not to mention, it was his 3rd IN A ROW).

For the record, the most complete games in a season by a Brewer pitcher in the last 20 years was by Jaime Navarro in ’91.  He had 10 of them that year en route to a 15 win season.  At this rate, Sabathia may get to that mark in just the 2nd half of the year!  In his short time with Milwaukee, he’s doubled his CG total for the season.  This guy can really eat up innings and he’s probably the best move the team could’ve made to help out the bulpen.  Bill Castro must be feeling great about having CC on the mound, as it gives him some extra time to try and figure out how to get the relievers on track.