Packers Fire Bob Sanders?

According to the National Football Post, the Green Bay Packers have fired their defensive coordinator.  Hopefully the rest of the defensive staff will follow.

Packers to actually blitz this season? Hmm… has an article talking about the increased emphasis on the blitz during mini-camps this summer.  It’s obvious to anyone who has watched the Jim Bates/Bob Sanders era defense that the Packers rarely send anyone but the front four after the QB.  Last season, the Packers blitzed on about 22% of passing plays.  The NFL average was about 30% (both according to STATS LLC).  Some of the more memorable lack of pass-rushing performances came against the Cowboys, where Romo stayed upright the entire game, and the NFC Championship where Eli was able to spend the majority of the game comfortably picking us apart.  Coach McCarthy claims that the defense is more comfortable in the scheme this year and the blitz is a natural progression, but I just find it hard to believe.  This is a defensive system that has never relied on the blitz, not when Bates was in Miami and not since he went to Denver.  Why should we expect a change now?  I guess we’ll have to see what the regular season brings… read more