Davis/Brand look like dopes, Favre owns a cell phone, Lauren fights with Heidi

Well, the first night of Sabathia in Milwaukee was exciting, but nothing after his arrival was spectacular so it’s on to other things.  Looks like Elton Brand is going to be a 76er.  So much for him saying he wanted to put his pride aside to get a ring ala Boston.  Instead he has gone from one NBA wasteland to another.  Not only that, but Baron Davis opted out of a ton of money to help make things happen in LA with Brand.  Now Baron Davis is the newest star wasting his life as a Clipper.

In other news, why is it news that Favre sent a text message to Ted Thompson?  Can we all just agree to shut up about Favre until something official happens?  I don’t care what he secretly hopes.  I don’t care what teams some idiot sportswriters or braindead fans want him to play for.  I don’t care what color shorts he wore to the bait shop on Thursday.  It’s too much.  We need preseason to start so this can all be brushed aside with the other pointless gossip.