Angry lady told me to die today

So I was on my way to watch my nephew play tee ball after work today. To get into the park, I had to make a left turn into a parking lot. There was traffic backed up, blocking my turn while they sat at a red light. A car was able to move forward, allowing a car in front of me to make the same left turn. The light was still red and no other cars had moved, so I proceeded to make my left turn. As I was turning, the nose of my car probably hit the entry to the parking lot when this behemoth of a woman noticed my maneuver and stomped on the gas, only to slam on the brakes in disgust and throw her flabby arms in the air in a rage. Had she not braked, I would’ve been hit in my rear passenger door.

I made little of this, as the light was still red and I really did nothing to hold her up or anything like that.

I get in the lot, park, get out of my car. I was walking around the back side of the car when a car pulled into my path. It was the fat lady. She rolled down her window and bellowed at me something about “Are you really in such a hurry that you have to do something stupid like that?!” I replied calmly with “Do you really have nothing better to do with your time that you’re pulling in here to complain about that?” She proceeded to raise her voice even more and say “You F***ING A***OLE!!! I HOPE YOU DIE!!!” She kept yelling at me, but I had already turned my back and walked away.

Oh yeah, within 10 feet of this incident, was a playground with maybe 5-10 kids playing. Real classy.