Bengals making a stand with Johnson?

The line has been drawn in the sad. Chad Johnson says he will not be a Bengal anymore.  Cinci says they are keeping Chad. So now what?  I don’t see Johnson retiring anytime soon.  He probably won’t risk the humiliation of backing down now.  After trying to present a tougher image recently, it seems the Bengals don’t wat the bad PR associated with caving to a player demand.  So does that mean Chad sits out?  It has happened plenty of times, usually with favorable results for the player.  In fact, the Briggs holdout in Chicago is one of the only recent high profile moves I remember where the player didn’t get their trade.

Johnson would certainly be in big demand on the trading block, as long as teams are willing to deal with the attitude (which they all are).  Cincinnati will say they aren’t listening to offers, but in the next 10 days, they will.  The Bengals need more help than a star receiver can provide and if teams throw them a 2nd round pick and another pick for Chad, they’ll no doubt rethink their stance.

I can’t wait to see who comes calling.  San Fran has shown they have no fear about selling out for big names, and they need offensive firepower.  I am sure Dallas will get thrown out there, although I can’t see that being possible.  There has to be more options than that for a pro bowl receiver, right?