Here Come the Colts!

Today, we’re going to get a battle of two teams we just don’t know what to make of.  The Colts have struggled out of the gate, thanks to a bad run defense, patchwork offensive line and an injured Peyton Manning.  Last week, the Colts blew out the regular pretenders in the Baltimore Ravens and everyone is convinced they are ready to take over the AFC.  I’m not so sure, but I still think they could win today.

The one good thing the Packers could have going for them today is their run defense may get a rest.  Joseph Addai is out and the Colts will probably have to be careful with Rhodes as they can’t risk another running back injury.  The Packers also have one of the better pass defenses in the league (not necessarily due to their terrible run defense).  They are 2nd best in the league in allowing only a 52.1% completion rate.  They are also 7th in the league with only allowing 178.8 passing yards per game.  I’m not willing to put that completely on the run defense either, as the Packers have allowed the 12th most pass attempts in the league.  The only thing working against these stats is that the Packers haven’t faced much in the way of passing offenses.  Obviously the Cowboys are top notch, but the Vikings, Lions, Bucs, Falcons and Seahawks don’t have much to offer in the passing attack.  They will definitely be tested today, especially the #2 and 3 corners who will have to take on Harrison or Wayne (whoever Woodson isn’t covering) and Anthony Gonzalez.

This could be a great week to get Ryan Grant going, as the Colts have a terrible run defense themselves.  However, if the Colts put up early points (I could see them throwing 10 on us in the blink of an eye), it could force Aaron Rodgers to take over the bulk of the offense.  That could be bad, as Rodgers hasn’t shown he can handle times when the team has to pass.  If the Packers can score first or at least stop the Colts from getting early touchdowns, this could be a competitive game.  I’m still not sold on the Colts being an elite team after beating the Ravens, barely getting by the Vikings and being handed the miracle win over the Texans.  I think the Colts are more beatable this year than they have been in the last 5 seasons.  Hopefully the Packers will come in believing that.