Favre comeback rumors

So there were briefly some rumors about a Brett Favre comeback. Believe it or not, old Bus Cook was thrown out there as part of the story. The claim is that Cook has been trying to work out a trade for the retired QB.

If this is true, it seems to be poorly thought out. If Favre were to play again, I think anyone could agree that he would wantto play for a Super Bowl contender. The problem is, what team out there would be a QB away from potentially making a deep run into the playoffs, aside from Green Bay? The teams that will contend already have that position filled. The teams that don’t, need a lot more help than what Favre could offer. The only fit I could imagine would be Baltimore. If the press runs with this story, I could see the press pushing the Ravens too. The problem is, there isn’t enough talent around the QB and the defense is getting old and worn out. There’s no way a 38 year old guy can fix that.

So if this is just a rumor, Favre needs to prove it and turn in his retirement paperwork. He can’t let this drag out. Bare minimum, his retirement will add a ton of cash to the Packers’ cap that can dramatically effect their draft day plans. Brett says he is done with football, so he needs to do the right thing and make it official.