Cutler Running the Show in Chicago

According to the Daily Herald, Jay Cutler is somehow involved in the interview process of the Bears’ next offensive coordinator.  I shouldn’t need to say one more word beyond that to prove how inept the Chicago staff is, but let’s look closer.  Some of you might think it a good idea to involve your franchise quarterback in the hiring process of the guy who will design the offense.  If your franchise quarterback went by the name of Brady, Manning, maybe even Brees or Favre, sure, it’s a great idea.  Those guys have (most of them, anyway) won titles and MVP awards.  They’ve played the game for a long time with a great amount of success and witnessed every offensive scheme imaginable.  Three of those guys are first ballot Hall of Fame players.  If your franchise quarterback is Jay Cutler, the story is different.  Cutler is entering his 5th year (4th as a starter) and has amassed a 24-29 record, never had a winning season (in college either), throws an interception for every 1.29 TD’s and has yet to play an entire game without crying on the sidelines or insulting a teammate’s mother (I might have exaggerated on the last part, but admit, you believe it).  Essentially, Cutler doesn’t have a successful track record.  He’s new to Chicago and has done nothing to prove he’ll be a starting quarterback 3 years from now.  By involving Cutler in this process, Angelo and Smith are saying that A) They are afraid of upsetting Cutler, B) They are not in complete control of the team and C) They are not capable of hiring a quality offensive coordinator.

Of course, all of this equates to more great news for myself and any fan of another NFC North team.  Coupled with Angelo’s regular failings in the early rounds of drafts, the disaster the Bears created on the offensive line, Lovie’s inability to get defensive players to meet their potential, the Bears are almost assuring another sub-500 season in 2010.

How bad is life for Chicago fans though?  Neither baseball team looks like a division winner in 2010, the Bulls are playing better but their best player doesn’t want the ball in the clutch and it’s extremely unlikely they’ll come away with anyone in free agency this year, now the Bears are further punishing their season ticket holders with their inability to make a quality decision.  At least the Blackhawks are good.  Too bad the NHL still isn’t relevant.