John Hammond hired as new Bucks GM

Former Pistons VP John Hammond is officially the new Milwaukee Bucks GM.  It’s a pretty surprising move really, as it almost seems a sign that Herb Kohl is attempting to take the team seriously again.  It’s been noted in the past that Hammond has really been the guy calling the shots in Detroit over the years (Dumars has the final say, but Hammond creates the game plan).  That said, Hammond created the kind of team that I’ve always wanted Milwaukee to be, and not just the kind that wins.  The Pistons have been all about teamwork, defense, toughness and attitude. 

The next few months will be very exciting.  If Kohl gives considerable power to his new general manager, there should be some sweeping changes.  The first stop will be with the coach.  Rumor already has it that Rick Carlisle is going to be sought for the soon to be vaccancy.  Next comes the players.  You have to wonder who would be worth keeping on the team.  It could be a player or two being added/subtracted along with some better coaching.  It could be a near complete overhall.  I don’t want to make too many predictions this early, but I probably wouldn’t recomend buying anybody’s jersey just yet. 

Either way, call me a bandwagon jumper all you want, but I’m already signing up as one of the countless people who are actually looking forward to a Bucks season again.  There’s thousands of fans in Milwaukee who could not forget about the team quickly enough once MLB spring training started, and many of them are thinking twice about that right now.  A move like this at least sparks interest in a team that may as well have moved to Oklahoma City by now, and that’s huge.