Harrell off PUP – ‘KGB’ on the street

As many expected, the Packers decided to activate defensive tackle Justin Harrell.  The 2nd year player has been on the PUP list with a back injury but the need for depth and big bodies on the line has pushed the team to take a chance on the 2nd year player.  To make space for him on the active roster, the Packers released DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila.  ‘KGB’ has been less and less effective in recent years as age, injuries and one-dimensional play has slowed him down.  The 31 year old Gbaja-Biamila has seen limited playing time, despite the loss of starting end Cullen Jenkins for the season.  So far he has 9 tackles and 1/2 sack.  Harrell on the other hand, has been a disapointment since being drafted in the first round before last season.  The young man has tons of physical talent, but was hurt through most of his college career and has carried that tradition into the NFL.  Harrell missed a great part of his rookie season and was ineffective late with minimal playing time.  He is looking at his first serious shot to make an impact on the team going into week 9.  He will likely not see the field much tomorrow, but could help a struggling defensive line rotation stay fresh and attempt to stop the rushing attack of the Titans. read more

No deadline deals – no surprise

As expected, the trading deadline came and went with no moves for the Packers.  In fact, the Roy Williams trade is really the only one in the NFL worth noting.

Somehow, the Packers got thrown in with the Tony Gonzales rumors… I don’t understand how that could possibly make sense.  The Packers could certainly benefit from an upgrade at tight end, but with Finley hopefully developing and Lee being a good enough starter, why give up a 2nd round pick (or multiple picks) for a guy now?  Plus, the offensive line and the entire defense have so many holes that it seems tight end is probably about the least of their problems (along with receiver and QB). read more

Now what?

What did I say at the ’07 draft?

Everyone on the planet said it, why did we pick Justin Harrell?  The guy was always hurt, and no surprise, he’s hurt again.  Can we cut this dude, eat his signing bonus and stop paying 1st round money to someone who will be on the PUP list the next 5 years anyway?

Other news, Jason Taylor doesn’t want to come to Green Bay.  Well, no kidding!  What did Deion Sanders call it many years ago when he was still playing?  The coldest, smallest, borinest city in the NFL?  The whole thing is, Green Bay is likely the only team in the NFL where Taylor could come in and A) Start, B) Be the hero of the defense (which he arguably had to split reps with Zach Thomas on) and C) Have a realistic chance at a Super Bowl in the next 2 years (assuming the Aaron Rodgers project doesn’t blow up from day 1).  Most any other team is either going to A) Put him in a rotation, B) Have him play in the shadow of an established defensive star, C) Not win (or some combination of the 3).  If you think about Green Bay last year, Favre really did nothing spectacular all year… and we came an interception away from the Super Bowl.  If you look at the other playoff teams last year, Washington, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Seattle all had problems on offense that need to get solved before Jason Taylor would help them go further.  New York could use a guy in the left end spot, but many would say they don’t have a chance at repeating, New England, San Diego and Indy already have pass rushers (and Indy can’t afford another contract).  So that would put Taylor in the position of trying to find a large market team that is an old defensive end away from a Super Bowl.  Fat chance. read more