Kiffin gone – Davis still nuts

There’s two sides to every story and this case is no different.  There’s Al Davis’ side, and then the rest of the world.

Seriously though, it’s not too hard to argue that there were some questionable things said by the Raiders’ boss man today.  All the public lies he referred to and the open desire to be fired aren’t very easy to be found by the outsider.  The new coach definitely seems like the “yes” man that Davis works best with.  That doesn’t really matter though, as we all knew this was coming.  Al Davis isn’t going to change and isn’t going to leave his post as long as he’s still breathing.  So we may as well just enjoy the theatrics, including the possible lawsuit over the refusal to pay Kiffin’s contract.  Hopefully Kiffin takes the high road and has a good talk with the commishioner about how to properly react.  It’s best if he just tries to get his money and moves on.  Let the next poor sap come in.  Forget the Raiders ever happened.