Whatever happened to Remy Shand?

Remy Shand?  I bought his album almost immediately after it hit the shelves back in the first half of 2002. He had a great sound, he seemed to really know R&B (you’d think the guy grew up in Harlem with Al Green as a dad, not Winnipeg with a bunch of white folks).  The title/opening track on his only album to date (“The Way I Feel”) was good enough to convince me to buy anything else he put out.

Anyway, I checked out his website.  The last entry in the “news” section was in April of 2003.  That’s over 3.5 years with nothing happening in the life of an enormously promising musician?  How does this happen?  Not even a few sentences to say “new album due out in the next 10 years” or “Remy Shand checks into rehab”???  So I blame Motown.  I don’t know if they dropped him or what… so I went to the Universal/Motown site.  He’s not listed as an artist.  They have people on their who are dead (Aaliyah), but not Remy Shand.

I don’t know what to say… If you go on Amazon or search through various blogs, there are tons of people who have just discovered the guy this year.  They are all raving about him.  He’s becoming somewhat popular again it seems.  Yet, nobody seems to know where he is.

You out there, Remy?