Let’s assume Brady comes to camp healthy…

His recovery is now reported to be going well, he didn’t hurt his back leg, so I guess that might be easier to deal with and he’s never been a mobile QB.  So let’s just pretend that everything goes great from here out and he is essentially Tom Brady from day one of this season.

That being the case, let’s assume Brady avoids major injuries and is a very productive member of the Pats for another 3-6 years before retiring.  Keeping Cassel for that period may very well cost the Patriots Tony Romo money, which is way more than any team would invest in a backup.  It won’t happen.  So we’ll say that Cassel needs to go. read more

NFL Notes – Week 6

Adam “Pacman” Jones is really on the verge of some major trouble.  The police recently confirmed he was involved in a fight at a Dallas hotel with his Cowboys assigned security guard.  No charges are being filed, no arrests were made.  Very close call for Jones.  He has to know that if his name goes on one police report, his NFL career is immediately over.  If this kid wants to keep playing football, this is not the way to do it.

Al Davis could be getting himself and the Raiders in trouble for his recent public claim of tampering by the New England Patriots.  Davis said the Pats tampered and brought Moss in for an early workout before trading for him back in April 2007.  The NFL said they may give a large fine and potentiall dock one or more draft picks.  Basically, the league is saying Davis needs to shut his mouth and file his grievences properly and in a timely manner. read more

NOW it’s official…

…Brady done for the year.  Chris Simms coming in tomorrow morning for a workout.


Okay, this is way too much

The Patriots are being sued for winning the 2001 Super Bowl.


Alright, let’s run with this very briefly.  First, you need to prove that the Patriots actually videotaped the walkthrough.  Reports are that there is no evidence.  Next, you have to prove that this altered the outcome of the game (if the walkthrough revealed some unstoppable play to block a game-winning field goal, I might believe it).  I just don’t see that happening.

Seriously, let’s just throw Belichick in jail, take the Patriots away from the Krafts and move them to L.A.  Impose a 30 year ban on pro football in Boston.  Re-write Manny’s contract so he can only play every other home game and give him a co-GM role.  Force the Celtics to Trade KG/Allen/Pierce for sub-six foot white guys who are US born.  Sell the Bruins to NY and force every local 6PM news broadcast in the Boston area to replay the game-winning catch by Plax for the next year.  Oh yeah, while we’re at it, re-release Bird jerseys in Laker purple.  I mean, we’re already throwing the Patriots under the bus, let’s just make it a little more obvious and destroy the entire city at the same time.  read more