More Self-Serving Social Media Marketing

social media marketing fail

The above image is the featured part of an email I received from a regional chain of hardware stores.  First off, not a prime candidate for an exciting social media campaign, but there’s always hope they can make it work.  My hopes were low when I saw the subject line “Let’s get social!”.

But fine, they want to promote their Facebook page, that’s cool.  What’s in it for me?

Oh, I get to explain how much I love your company?  I get to give you ideas about how you can make more money off of me?  I can alert you whenever I’m in your store so you know just how valuable of a customer I am?

Sounds great, where do I sign up!

About the only thing they got right here, is they seem to understand that their social channels are for existing customers – not awareness building.  But seriously, you expect the customer to opt in to even more of your marketing, at least throw them a bone.  Say their might be social-only coupons or sales.  Or maybe promise to randomly post how-to guides, since people come to your stores to buy supplies for major projects.  Hell, gardening tips would be a step in the right direction.

The funny thing is, what they promise here is exactly what the vast majority of social media campaigns deliver.  This company just happens to be up front about it.  Maybe that’s a positive?  At least I know right away that I don’t have to waste my time.