Brewers-Reds Game 1 – Does anyone care?

You can tell the network interest in the first game of the NLDS matchup between the Brewers and Phillies by the TV slot.  3PM EST on a Wednesday.  Thanks MLB.  The Brewers haven’t seen the playoffs in the entire lifespan of many of their fans and yet, those of us with jobs (you know, the ones most likely to buy tickets, apparel, etc) will likely not see the game.

Regardless, this should be a good matchup.  Two very young and talented teams.  Seems the Phillies have the edge of being more complete and having better pitchup through the roster, but who knows.  Anything can happen in baseball.  Just look at the Mets losing 2 of 3 to the Marlins.  The first two games should be good ones.  The Brewers are putting their prized young pitcher whose name nobody can properly pronnounce (hint: it’s NOT Gah-lard-oh) against the Reds’ ace who looks more like a frozen lemonade vendor than a pitcher.

Thankfully, the teams have a somewhat more reasonable 6PM EST start on Thursday.