What’s so Super about a Lambeau Super Bowl?

With NJ getting a Super Bowl in their new roof-less stadium, a lot of the media folks have been talking about the possibility of Green Bay getting to host a game. Jason Wilde has a recent article about the very concept. It’s a neat idea to pay respect to the history of the game by holding a Super Bowl in a city like Green Bay, but from a practical/marketing standpoint it’s likely a disaster.

With NJ getting a Super Bowl in their new roof-less stadium, a lot of the media folks have been talking about the possibility of Green Bay getting to host a game.  Jason Wilde has a recent article about the very concept.  It’s a neat idea to pay respect to the history of the game by holding a Super Bowl in a city like Green Bay, but from a practical/marketing standpoint it’s likely a disaster.

First, there are the logistics.  There aren’t enough hotels in Green Bay to accommodate the fans for a regular season game.  There isn’t an airport that would allow fans from all over the country/world to fly in without making multiple connections.  There is no infrastructure that would allow relatively easy transport around town (big enough roads, taxis, public transit, etc).  If you’ve been on Lombardi Ave after a game lets out, you know that it’s absolute gridlock for up to two hours.  Imagine that for an entire week… The city just can’t support that kind of an audience.

Next, there is the entertainment conundrum.  The Super Bowl is so much bigger than the game.  It’s a week long party and media event.  Players have expressed the lack of things to do in Green Bay (Ray Rice famously commented on the issue last year after the Ravens visited town).  It’s a great town to roll into on Sunday morning, check out the Packer Hall of Fame, tailgate and see a game.  Spending a week there as someone paying potentially thousands of dollars to see a game NOT featuring the Packers?  Probably not where you want to be.  The Top 10 nightlife options on Yelp include a make-your-own steak joint and a nationwide chicken chain.  Yelp lists no restaurants receiving the “$$$$” rating, meaning your fine dining options are extremely limited.  So really, for the hotshots who go to every Super Bowl for the status that comes with it, their only serious entertainment options involve driving two hours south to Milwaukee.  For the diehard fans of whatever team is playing, let’s hope the local Applebees has some extra staff on hand.

Finally, there’s the game itself.  Any football fan in the northern US knows what it’s like to attend an outdoor game in February.  It’s miserable.  I’d estimate up to 30% of your attention is diverted away from the game because you’re suffering frostbite or sweating profusely because you have double-digit layers of clothing.  And the performance on the field generally suffers as well.  Football players don’t enjoy playing in sub-zero weather and/or snow.  The games slow down, and if precipitation happens, it gets really sloppy.  Just watch some late season Pittsburgh games when that field starts falling apart in the rain.  Want to see a 10-3 Super Bowl NOT involving elite defenses with upwards of 7 fumbles per team?  I don’t.

So while rewarding NJ for building an expensive new stadium is a nice experiment in cold weather championship games… let’s not get carried away.  Most of the fans of the teams competing are watching from home, so let’s give them a good game to see.  For those spending obscene dollar amounts to attend the festivities, let’s give them a good time as well.

#$%& YOU NBC & WTMJ!!!!

Seriously, worst Super Bowl I’ve ever seen!!!  First, they forget to broadcast the first few moments in HD.  Big goof, minor impact as they fixed it immediately (not sure if this was just in Milwaukee or was the national broadcast).  Either way, this set the tone fora crappy night of TV watching.

I live 5.5 miles from the local NBC digital antenna according to antennaweb.com.  I have 99% signal on all digital frequencies.  Yet, because the idiots obviously didn’t switch to full power for the single largest TV event of the year, myself and countless others had artifacts throughout the game, total picture/sound loss and basically the kind of viewing experience that reassures you that nobody out there cares about people who watch OTA.

Beyond that, they put a 1 hour episode of the Office on right after the game.  That’s great if you watch everything live, but for the millions of us using a DVR, it creates a very high liklihood that you’re going to miss the last 18 minutes of the episode.  I know, you should look at your upcoming programs for conflicts, blah blah blah.  How about this, maybe you shouldn’t put a top rated TV show directly following a live event that ALWAYS runs late!

Now I feel compelled to go searching for 3D glasses to watch my favorite show, Chuck, in 3D Monday night.  I don’t want to watch it, but my boycotting the show will only hurt me in the loss of entertainment.  Instead, I’m going to look at every sponsor of Chuck tomorrow night and make every effort to boycott their products.  I won’t be watching that Monsters/Aliens movie.  I won’t be buying any Pepsi products.  The list will grow and I’ll try to post here if I have time.

Now what?

What did I say at the ’07 draft?

Everyone on the planet said it, why did we pick Justin Harrell?  The guy was always hurt, and no surprise, he’s hurt again.  Can we cut this dude, eat his signing bonus and stop paying 1st round money to someone who will be on the PUP list the next 5 years anyway?

Other news, Jason Taylor doesn’t want to come to Green Bay.  Well, no kidding!  What did Deion Sanders call it many years ago when he was still playing?  The coldest, smallest, borinest city in the NFL?  The whole thing is, Green Bay is likely the only team in the NFL where Taylor could come in and A) Start, B) Be the hero of the defense (which he arguably had to split reps with Zach Thomas on) and C) Have a realistic chance at a Super Bowl in the next 2 years (assuming the Aaron Rodgers project doesn’t blow up from day 1).  Most any other team is either going to A) Put him in a rotation, B) Have him play in the shadow of an established defensive star, C) Not win (or some combination of the 3).  If you think about Green Bay last year, Favre really did nothing spectacular all year… and we came an interception away from the Super Bowl.  If you look at the other playoff teams last year, Washington, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Seattle all had problems on offense that need to get solved before Jason Taylor would help them go further.  New York could use a guy in the left end spot, but many would say they don’t have a chance at repeating, New England, San Diego and Indy already have pass rushers (and Indy can’t afford another contract).  So that would put Taylor in the position of trying to find a large market team that is an old defensive end away from a Super Bowl.  Fat chance.