NOW it’s official…

…Brady done for the year.  Chris Simms coming in tomorrow morning for a workout.


Bloody Sunday…

Not a good start to the NFL season for some teams.  First and foremost, it looks like incredibly bad news for the Patriots as Tom Brady hurt his knee early against the Chefs.  Great googly-moogly… It’s still not clear whether he has a torn ACL as Yahoo and others have reported.  There is a small bit of hope that the report could be inaccurate.  However, this is the Patriots… he could be getting surgery to repair his ACL and still be on the injury report as “Probable – right shoulder.”

Here’s the play where he got hurt:

Hopefully some good news comes of this, but it doesn’t look good at the moment.

In other news, not too many huge surprises today.  Vince Young has a sprained knee and even if he comes back right away, that’s bound to slow him down for weeks to come.  The Seahawks are looking really rough as they lost their last healthy WR and their starting RB today.  We had two rookie QBs win today in Flacco and Ryan, but both against really bad teams.  Favre and the Jets won, but barely did it against an extremely bad team.

Anyway, I’ve gotta get some work done and keep hitting “refresh” on all the sports sites until I see reliable news about Brady.

Bill Hall sucks.