Favre tells Romo to play, and he listens

So after breaking his hand, things did not look good for Tony Romo and the Cowboys.  Suddenly, news comes out that Brett Favre called Romo up and suggested he tried playing with the fracture.  Seemed like a silly story to fill the news wire, but maybe it had an impact afterall.  Now the word is that Romo is telling the coaches he wants to play.  No word on if he’ll be allowed to start or play at all, as he is obviously risking a lot further damage to the hand.

As with many things, there is really two ways this could go.  The likely result is that Romo will attempt to play, struggle and be in horrible pain.  Brad Johnson will have to relieve the QB, people will criticize Romo and the coaches for not letting the hand rest.  Romo will still end up missing 4 weeks and the Cowboys will have to fight for a wild card spot.  The other scenario is that Romo plays, struggles but stays in the game.  The Cowboys keep winning, the receivers step up, they actually run the ball.  The toughness of the QB changes the entire attitude of the team and they go on to actually win a playoff game (maybe several).