#$%& YOU NBC & WTMJ!!!!

Seriously, worst Super Bowl I’ve ever seen!!!  First, they forget to broadcast the first few moments in HD.  Big goof, minor impact as they fixed it immediately (not sure if this was just in Milwaukee or was the national broadcast).  Either way, this set the tone fora crappy night of TV watching.

I live 5.5 miles from the local NBC digital antenna according to antennaweb.com.  I have 99% signal on all digital frequencies.  Yet, because the idiots obviously didn’t switch to full power for the single largest TV event of the year, myself and countless others had artifacts throughout the game, total picture/sound loss and basically the kind of viewing experience that reassures you that nobody out there cares about people who watch OTA.

Beyond that, they put a 1 hour episode of the Office on right after the game.  That’s great if you watch everything live, but for the millions of us using a DVR, it creates a very high liklihood that you’re going to miss the last 18 minutes of the episode.  I know, you should look at your upcoming programs for conflicts, blah blah blah.  How about this, maybe you shouldn’t put a top rated TV show directly following a live event that ALWAYS runs late!

Now I feel compelled to go searching for 3D glasses to watch my favorite show, Chuck, in 3D Monday night.  I don’t want to watch it, but my boycotting the show will only hurt me in the loss of entertainment.  Instead, I’m going to look at every sponsor of Chuck tomorrow night and make every effort to boycott their products.  I won’t be watching that Monsters/Aliens movie.  I won’t be buying any Pepsi products.  The list will grow and I’ll try to post here if I have time.