Week 2 – What more could be in store?

Week 1 we saw a revitalization of the Bears defense, we saw one Hall of Fame QB take his last snap for the year.  We saw another Hall of Fame QB take his first snap with a new team.  It was confirmed that the Raiders and Rams still have zero hope of making the playoffs.  There’s countless other drama that transpired and it’s only been one week!  Let’s see what is in store for Week 2.

Oakland at Kansas City
This is obviously not a game you’ll be watching unless you’re unfortunate enough to be a fan of one of these teams or have some starting fantasy players.  However, there is one very interesting story line here.  This could be the last game Lane Kiffin coaches for the Raiders.  Heck, with Al Davis at the helm, Kiffin might not even make it to the game!  There’s been a firing brewing all off-season, and coupled with the animosity between Kiffin and Rob Ryan (who seems to be a favorite of Davis), things are not looking up.  I feel for Kiffin.  I really hope somebody picks him up as he really seems to know how to run a team.  He simply hasn’t been able to properly control his team because the boss keeps undermining his decisions.

Tennessee at Cincinnati
Another bad game with some interesting drama.  The Bengals looked just as bad as advertised in week 1.  People are still expecting Carson Palmer to bounce back, but really, why?  For his career, Palmer has averaged 7.3 yards per attempt and an 89.3 passer rating.  He’s got a 1.36:1 TD to interception ratio.  Most importantly, the Bengals are only 4 games over .500 since 2004, Palmer’s first year starting.  Let’s face it, he’s a disappointing QB.  I’ve heard some other people saying that this year and last, and I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

In other news, what is up with Vince Young?  Is he trying to upstage Matt Leinert as the 2006 draft QB with the most headlines on TMZ?

New England at New Jersey(b)
No Brady, Jets are undefeated.  Who would’ve thought.  What is funny, is hearing all these Jets fanboys talk about how great it is to finally have a QB with a strong arm.  Have they watched Favre throw a deep ball or out route the last 5 years?  I think the Pennington/Favre arm strength debate is moot.  The only difference is that Pennington knows he doesn’t have an arm and doesn’t attempt passes that would make you think otherwise.  Favre hasn’t realized he can’t make all the throws he used to and gets himself in a lot of trouble.  I think he’ll be lost against the Pats.  He hasn’t done well against this era Patriots team, and I don’t expect today to be different.

That’s it for this week, since I’m running way late on this post…


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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