Week 4 (where’d week 3 go?)

Yeah, I never posted anything for week 3.  Forget that, because the Brewers have gotten it together and are tied for the wild card.  I don’t know if they really deserve to make the playoffs at this point, but if they can keep winning I will gladly take it.  Could be good things in the near future for the Brewers if they are able to make the post season, as Gallardo just got activated.  If he can crack the starting lineup and Sheets makes it back, this could be a really good team in the playoffs.  Let’s see if they can make it there first.

Cleveland at Cincinnati
Disappointing start for both teams.  Terrible quarterback play, no defense, no run game, nothing to get excited about at all.  Well that’s all about to change, because one of these teams is getting a win this week!  This is a perfect matchup for each of the struggling quarterbacks, as neither team will be playing anything resembling defense.  For those saying this is the week for Brady Quinn, it’s not.  The Browns have the Giants, Redskins, Jaguars and Ravens coming up.  Not a stretch you want a first time starter to face.  If Anderson continues to struggle, the week after the Ravens would be the time as they have the Broncos, Bills, Texans, Colts; much softer defenses to ease in the young guy.

Green Bay at Tampa Bay
One of the few times the battle of the bays has had much relevance as the two teams are fighting to stay atop their respective divisions.  This will be another good test for Aaron Rodgers as Kiffin will no doubt throw a lot of different looks and blitz from all over the field.  Not only will Rodgers have a tough task, but the run game will as well.  The Packers have respectable running stats with 115 yards per game and 4.4 per carry, but as with last year that’s been offset by a few long runs.  On defense, the backup corners really need to step up.  The Packers have gone several years with virtually no depth at corner and now it may cost them as Al Harris is out at least several weeks if not longer.  Tampa doesn’t have a great offense, but they do have a good coach and a vetern team that will exploit favorable matchups.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh
The Steelers got murdered last week.  They were slapped around like little bitches by the Eagles defense and it was embarrassing.  This is a team that went from looking like the best in the AFC to just another pretender.  Meanwhile, the Ravens have been solid on defense and are running well.  They have managed to hide their young QB so far, which is huge for his future.  After a game like they had last week, this is a spot where a good team has to make a statement.  A pretender would go into this week against a team like the Ravens and get knocked out again.  I don’t think the Steelers will do that.  Their defense is too good, their running game is too good.  I’m thinking the Steelers are going to take care of business against Baltimore.

I also need to quickly comment on the Lions situation.  I guess I’ll get in line with the others who are not that excited for the team after firing Millen.  Yes, Millen was terrible.  Probably the worst GM in my lifetime.  However, what is really going to come from this?  The Lions haven’t been good for a really long time and that is not all Millen’s fault.  Also, it seems pretty clear that the rest of the staff there is inept as well, but they are keeping people around!  For the Lion’s to fire Millen now, they should have had a replacement lined up.  If not, they should have done it in the offseason when they could get more people in for interviews.  All this does is continue things as they are for the rest of the season.


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Jay Ratkowski runs this joint, which is why his name is on the front door. You can find him elsewhere at Google+, Facebook, or Twitter

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